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Chris Brown’s New “Bestie” Wizkid Threatens to “Beat” Female Artist SAEON on “Camera,” too much Weed?

Update: Saeon responds

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Wizkid too much weedLet’s see. Samklef, Wizkid’s former music producer goes on a long spill, and I mean a very long spill about how the artist he helped become famous, Wizkid, no longer supports his work. I discussed that here. Samklef calls Wizkid “disgusting.” He says he is smoking too much “weed and marijuana.”  He calls Wizkid other unprintable names and even goes on to auction off beats he created for Wizkid. This is all on social media, interviews granted to blogs and what is Wizkid’s response?

All Wizkid has to say is that “he has love for Samklef,” and would not even hurt him, regardless.

BUT, make way Africans, Nigerians. Here comes the woman. Oh yes! The woman. The audacity of the Nigerian/African woman to say something to Wizkid, abi? Here comes Saeon an emerging artist who paid him 1.5million Naira for a song.

She alleges, via social media, that he did not allegedly fulfill his promise. Was she tactful? No. I think she could have handled it a different way and I said as much here. What is Wizkid’s response? He says, “I fit beat Saeon on this camera” meaning I could beat the girl up for her statements, on camera.

You’ve got a Pepsi brand ambassador, a record label executive, a man with millions following him across the continent and many in the diaspora supporting him, and he gets on camera and spits such nonsense? Such violent statement like it is no big deal?

Now, there continues to be speculation that Wizkid has been smoking weed like nobody’s business, of late. The allegations again comes from the very Samklef he claims is his brother. Samklef has also alleged Wizkid is now arrogant. We can maybe look the other way on the arrogance but is the speculation on drug use true? We do know Wizkid smokes as we have seen images of him and videos of him in full effect. Anyone remember that Banky W/EME clean up years ago on You Tube?

Check on it again in case you forgot.

Anyway, is this a case of”igbo” aka weed gone very wrong or does this character have a propensity for violence against women and we are just getting the memo? NOTHING ABOUT BEATING UP A WOMAN, ESPECIALLY YOUR FELLOW ARTIST, IS FUNNY, at all, WIZKID and you should know better and knock it off with the nonsense talk!

This is a very disappointing conduct from Wizkid. This is the same guy that is really trying to cross over to the USA market?  The same guy who now claims Chris Brown as a best friend or “bestie.” I’ll like to see how that happens with the latest track record he is building.


The I fit Beat Saeon for this Camera video

(Watch to get a great idea of violence against women in Nigeria, so not a funny matter)

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  1. Benjamin says:

    Any kind of violence is unacceptable. But on this case, I think he was joking. because there is no way you can beat someone on camera. At 24, he can still make mistakes even duo his team ‘must’ urge him to be guided next time.

    1. I hear you but to me there is nothing funny about his statement. His pull and influence is huge. He did not joke when it came to his guy friend who said some horrible things about him. He “joked” when it came to a woman in a country where 50% of women suffer domestic violence and abuse. There is nothing “funny” about that. If he did that here, especially since he claims he wants to cross over into the US markets, women would be calling for termination of his endorsement deals, among other economic repercussions. Either way, there is no room for such a joke to his young and highly impressionable young men fan following who see some truth in such a joke and see a culture of violence against women as a way of life.

  2. I think the phrase Samklef, used to describe him is really show on public domain.
    On my own view lack of label record executive is what Wizkid, is lacking in recent days. Brymo once posted weed on social media and he was caution by his label but he feel too big for the label — am sorry to say this his fading away gradually.

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