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Awesomely Bad Music Video: Phyno’s YAYO, What’s with the Foolish and Dangerous Message Clarence Peters Keeps Spreading in Nigeria?


Clarence PetersIf we are not dealing with Clarence Peters allegedly ripping or infringing the intellectual property rights of the works of international artists, we gotta deal with his continued insistent on reducing the value of the Nigerian woman to a piece of ‘bum bum’ meat for some of his fellow men folk to feast on. THIS IS DANGEROUS TO THE SAFETY OF THE NIGERIAN WOMAN AND PARTICULARLY NIGERIAN GIRLS AND WOMEN IN NIGERIA whose safety are already constantly in jeopardy.

We simply do not have the enforcement of laws to protect girls and women as evident by the overwhelming statistics of sexual assault on girls and women in Nigeria. If you are in America, you know the police will come down hard on sexual predators like a ton of bricks once it is known. You know the legal justice system has things in place, albeit not perfect, to try to protect a woman. In Nigeria, what’s the option for the Nigerian woman? In fact, people will walk by when you are getting assaulted and some even join and blame you for the assault (your dress, the way you spoke, anything but blame the predator).

Why do men like Clarence Peters insist on putting Nigerian girls and women in danger? WHY?!

How many women and girls do we know who are either being raped, abducted, sexually harassed, beaten and the list goes on. Heck we are still waiting for the Chibok girls to be found and returned to their homes. This violence against women IS normal in Nigeria and the likes of Clarence Peters continue to devalue THE NIGERIAN WOMAN with these borrowed, stale, crappy concepts strictly emulating from the West because Clarence Peters lacks any creativity whatsoever to come up with original concepts unique to his homeland.

All you can come up with in this video is young African men with machetes and nothing more and American slangs on your newspaper wall? “ROZAY” on your wall, like really??!! Why do we keep getting assaulted with this rubbish videos from Peters? Why?

And don’t none of y’all tell me that line that we were naked as Africans. If we were naked, then let’s all go back into the bush stack naked and stick with the arrows and bows and cutlasses to hunt for lions or bush meats, not adopt Western concepts of staying fully clothed and then whipping these foolishness that completely demoralizes and marginalizes the Nigerian woman on a national and global scale.

Isn’t it enough that our girls are now regularly sex trafficked against their own will to countries like Italy? All of these negative imagery adds to the problem. Why do some of our Nigerian men insist on rubbishing our women and painting us ugly in front of the world. It pains me and ticks me off so much. Clarence why? What did the Nigerian woman do to you that you make it a point to reduce her to a piece of ‘bum bum’ with artists you work with?

As for Phyno? I have no words for you. Good luck trying to break outside of Nigeria into mainstream markets. I’d like to see you try with these rubbish. Everyone in the country is saying you are the best thing since slice bread abi, so that now translates to the yayo foolishness?

I’m still on my break people. I gotta rest up from a busy December but this video ticked me off to no end I had to write since it was just released.

I can’t stand when Clarence Peters does this nonsense and infiltrates Nigerian society with this rubbish that is absolutely dangerous to the safety and health of the Nigerian woman and girl child; and as I have said, so long as he continues to dish out this nonsense, I will continue to take him on; and warn about his acts that are slowly but surely making things even worse for girls and women in that country.

(NOTE: I am VERY angry at the new generation of Nigerian men. Your fathers did not have your mothers ‘bum bums’ or your aunties and sisters on display like these. Or have any of them twerking like this.  Neither did they have their girlfriends bum bums either. You go home to your parents and want to act all proper Nigerian. Yet some of you foolish men have insisted on degrading, ridiculing and humiliating MY generation of women, on the national and world map. HOW DARE YOU?! You  lack the self esteem and confidence to be half the men your fathers were. You lack a clear understanding of your identity. FINE. BUT STOP FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE CHANGING THE NARRATIVE OF WHO I AM AS AN AFRICAN OR NIGERIAN WOMAN OR MY FELLOW SISTERS! Also, this generation, especially from the West you emulate, homosexuality is perfectly acceptable. If you will perambulate sexual images, why not perambulate the images of YOU, yes you or your fellow men? ‘Gay’ or ‘Homosexuality’ is one of the most searched terms in Nigerian search engines. Why not focus on male nudity if you are that obsessed with sex and nudity? Why drag us women into this. This ticks me off! It really does. Did your mothers walk with their bum bums twerking this way? Your aunties? Why is it MY generation that some of you morons want to depict and assassinate our image and character in this open your yansh fashion ALL because of your over consumption of Western trash?!)

I’m done.

I’ll catch you all next week, or maybe before then if some foolishness like this pops up and moves me enough to write.


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Credited for several firsts in the fashion and entertainment industry, Uduak Oduok (Ms. Uduak) is a fashion and entertainment lawyer, speaker, visionary, gamechanger, trailblazer, and recognized thought leader, for her work on Africa’s emerging global fashion and entertainment markets, and the niche practice of fashion law in the United States. She is also the founder of ‘Africa Music Law,’ an industry go-to music business and law blog and podcast show empowering African artists. Her work in the creative and legal industries has earned her numerous awards and recognitions, including an award from the American University Washington College of Law for her “legal impact in the field of intellectual property in Africa." She has also taught as an Adjunct Professor at several institutions in the United States. For more information, visit her at

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  1. RichyGame says:

    Choi, Uduak this got you madddd!!! Even I'm on break but I had to 'put pen to paper' to help ease your tension, I can just try. See, even the Clarence guy reportedly disliked overly sex-themed videos (before) but apparently, he is the unofficial king of it but we should call him out solely – dem plenty.

    2. They are not gospel musicians or directors… we have to live and let them live but as you pointed out, it is demeaning to the Nigerian woman. In fact, it has somewhat reduced morals and values in our society as they get ample coverage. What can we do? Believe it or not, they are role models o!

    3. A gospel act even told me a few months back they only reason they didn't consider his company for his video is because he did a gospel video for another act and still put unwholesome footage in! I don't know how true o but the trend has gotten so so bad that Nigerian videos are now generally worse for bum bum documentation than their foreign counterparts. The real bad Yankee ones are Southern music but Nigerian videos generally are explicit now. They call it art. Hahaha, they even wrote 'Mufasa' on the board, that is code word for 'penis' not necessarily the Lion King character!

    4. Ha, Phyno is the best thing since sliced break o, true. But it will only remain so 'til you turn VHS in comparison to Blu ray. Really though, the young man is a bundle of talent. We can't really tell 'em how to run their show lest we be asked 'have you eaten today', at least in my case. Meanwhile, what's with the Capital Hill Music thingy? He keeps saying he's on his own Pent Hause label but I keep seeing the Capital tag…

    Uduak. I'm just blabbing. Still in the holiday state of mind but ease out. It can be annoying though. I feel your pain. It won't change until it changes, that is if it will.

    PS: Nice subtle product placement, Guinness but kind of blasphemous with the celestial ending as Phyno is now legion commander of a host holies battling the same niccur that would love the bum bum video… hahaha

  2. Winston Balagare says:

    This post was very necessary and very appreciated. I have been speaking out on several sites, for a while now, about the self-degradation exhibited by this current adult generation of Africans (not just Nigerians). We hate our own culture so much, and love American culture equally so, that we’ve resorted to essentially pimping out our women, generally mistreating one another, and now, more recently, referring to one another as “n*ggers”.

    All this, just as we’re finally making strides to break into the mainstream of global pop consciousness. It’s not bad enough that Phyno’s latest video will be seen by millions of Nigerians; but it’s been uploaded to VEVO, so the entire world now has a very good chance of viewing or stumbling upon it.

    The problem is that enough of us–especially those of us with significant influence–aren’t courageous enough to speak up about it. So for your courage here, Uduak, I applaud you.

    But more of us should have spoken up when we first saw Olamide’s “Story For The Gods” video. More of us should have spoken up when we first heard Ice Prince’s “N-Word” song. More of us should have been outraged and should have demanded more answers when we first heard rumors about music industry figures beating women. We should have publicly criticized Pres. Jonathan for cavorting with entertainers before BRINGING BACK OUR GIRLS.

    We can blame Clarence Peters, but why? The man doesn’t have an original thought in his head. This “Yayo” video reeks of imitation of D-O’s “Gbese” video. He also copied some Kanye West elements, for good measure. Clarence Peters still lives in the shadow of his more talented parents. All this rubbish he produces is his attempt at escaping that shadow. Don’t be mad at him; pray for him, because he’s a very weak-minded person.

    As for Phyno–he should know that this explicit video won’t make him a global star, just a local shame.

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