Celebrities Behaving Badly, Legal Drama

Celebrities Behaving Badly: 2Face’s Artist Dammy Krane Accuses Wizkid of Copyright Theft, Brawl Ensues


In a very ironic twist, Nigerian artist-prenuer 2Face is having to tame fires with the brawl (physical and verbal) between his artist Dammy Krane and Wizkid. I say ironic because let’s see:
1) we know 2Face has come to represent the modern face of the Nigerian artist’s voice against piracy and infringement of content; 2) 40% of Hypertek, 2Face’s label, has since been acquired by 960 Music Group, helmed by Mark Reguard, an entertainment lawyer; 3) we also know that artist-manager Efe Omoregbe who is very involved with Hypertek is also a very active advocate lending his voice to COSON, the collecting society in Nigeria, to help stop copyright infringement and piracy in the industry.

So, between ALL of these stakeholders who can EASILY institute legal action against Wizkid or find another way to resolve this alleged infringement, it beats me that 2Face’s artist does not appear informed, educated or empowered so that he could have known to easily go to these stakeholders right underneath his nose to help resolve the alleged copyright infringement issue with Wizkid.

Instead, Dammy first vomits on social media. Then he issues an apology, presumably because his “oga at the tops” made him do so, but the dispute ends in a physical brawl at Club Quilox last night. My understanding from the credible industry insider witness there is that Wizkid instigated the physical altercation.

Mark, Efe and 2Face your artist clearly doesn’t believe his voice is heard. Can you hear him out and work on addressing his issue. Also, while you are it, teach and empower him on how to resolve future infringement issues or any related issues. He got hurt here and that is a liability for you and too expensive a gamble, needless to say.

As for Wizkid, you are the one trying to cross over to America. You never land you dey spoil market. Don’t be fooled with American celebs rocking to your song ‘Ojuelegba.’ You really think you will make it on US soil with a soiled reputation that affects people making money? It is not that kind of party. Please believe that.

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-Ms. Uduak

The way some Nigerian artists communicate these days… from Olamide to Dammy Krane, is very disrespectful. It is also ironic that some of these artists are from a culture that is HUGE on respect and can almost kill you if you fail to say “aunty” “uncle” “boda” or just plain accord respect, especially in public.
Dammy Krane v Wizkid 1
Dammy Krane v Wizkid 2
Dammy Krane v. Wizkid 3
Dammy Krane 3

A newly admitted lawyer, daughter of Kwam1 takes to social media to give her opinion. I would not recommend her delivery either.
Kwam 1

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