Celebrities Behaving Badly: Davido Threatens Ayo Jaguda Over Comments on Buying You Tube Views

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Davido is an artist and record label owner that can be so level-headed one minute, and the next he is flying off the handle on social media.

Coming off a stellar year of accomplishments, Davido, a few days ago, released a beautiful video titled ‘Wonder Woman’ that pays tribute to successful Nigerian/African women. The significance of the video is not lost on me and many African women globally. And indeed, within 24 hours of releasing his video, the video jumped from 150,000 views on You Tube to over 1 million. 

In response to the significant increase in views, Ayo Jaguda, a music contributor for entertainment and lifestyle website Jaguda.com, noted the jump and concluded there was a discrepancy and that Davido bought his views. Davido’s response? He angrily threatened Ayo’s safety should he visit Nigeria or any part of Africa.

“If dem born u and ur papa well In fact add ur mama !! Come naija Bastard!! F*** it come Africa !! U go see ! @

Davido’s threat translates to I dare you to come to Nigeria or anywhere in Africa because if you do, your safety will be compromised with physical harm.

Ayo who is of Nigerian heritage is based in the U.S.

Folks, Davido, of all persons, should not be threatening anyone’s safety. Just a year and two months ago, he was at the center of a homicide investigation concerning a close friend of his, Tagbo, who died after spending time with Davido and his crew at the Shisha Room in Lagos. Tagbo was drunk and had allegedly been in the custody of Davido and his crew for the evening as they attempted to supervise his safety.

A few days after Tagbo’s death in October 2017, there was yet another mysterious death of Davido’s close friend and DJ, DJ Olu. These facts, when taken together, should have Davido staying away from any kind of threats to others, especially threats of causing physical harm to others. 

According to Ayo Jaguda, he has now sought legal counsel.

“My personal opinion is what triggers you , you could have blocked me or said it a better way. You insulted my parents and threatened my life . I have munched this and sent to my lawyers , and also we have the same passport so if anything happens to me; it’s on you!,” tweeted Ayo.

In my view, Ayo should also file a police report and attach a copy of the threat Davido made against his safety, especially since Davido is a U.S. Citizen who owns property and routinely does business in the States.

On Ayo’s part, making statements that seem conclusive that Davido bought views without nothing more, especially as a music contributor for a publication like Jaguda, is unprofessional. And while it may not attract legal liability, it certainly speaks poorly of him.

His first tweet, “1 million views already? Lol yesterday it was 150k o hm,” was fine. His second tweet, “Ki Gbogbo yin ma Ra Views Lo , owo Yin kuku ni Lol” which means “Let all of you continue to buy views, after all it is your money,” crossed the line and gave the appearance that Davido in fact bought views.

Such unsubstantiated statements coming from a member of the press is irresponsible. 

-Ms. Uduak

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