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Celebrities Behaving Badly: Davido Throws his Family Member & HKN Artist Under the Bus with Damaging Rants


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Davido, when you have issues with label mates, industry folks, or family, can you not spill all over social media the way you regularly do? It seems for many Nigerian artists and talents, this is just a regular way of doing business. It’s not like an occasional happening, it is just what many do when they have problems with anyone: bloggers, fellow artists, label, fellow actresses and actors, celebrities etc.

Over the weekend, April 17, 2016, while most of the industry and the public was caught up with the Linda Ikeji-Wizkid fiasco, Davido took to twitter to call out his family member who was allegedly ungrateful over the success of Davido’s newly signed act Mayorkun. In addition, during the rant, Davido left enough clues where most suspected he was referring to his cousin B-red. Of course in classic Nigerian style, his fans and other members of the public have heaped insults upon insults on B-red.

Davido signed Mayorkun a few weeks ago to a recording deal, and dropped a music video about a week ago for the artist. The video now has over one million views.

Ms. Uduak Tips
Davido, check this out. You and your cousin or whomever the family member is that you currently have an issue with will ultimately sort things out. It is what family does. Also, you have holiday celebrations and other family gatherings that will necessarily force you to work it out. Even though you sort or will sort it out, you can’t take back the terrible damage you have done to your family member’s reputation or the psychological impact from the abuses that the public heaps on him. You succeeded in painting a terrible picture of your family member in public. It is an image that will forever have people insulting your family member and believing they have a license to tear down your family member long after your rant is over and you make up with your family member. Again, this affects or will affect your family member psychologically. As a label owner you should be more professional and you also have a duty to protect your artist, even if he is your family member. Further, as a fellow artist with celebrity status, you should be sensitive to how injurious your rants can or may affect your family member’s ability to earn a living if he decides to move on from your label.

Folks, in situations like this, even if it is your family member, you may have to slap a lawsuit on them to make them shape up. I also don’t foresee Davido continuing with his social media consistent outbursts and rants for too long. He listened to his family and signed a recording global deal with Sony Music even when he claimed he was not too crazy about it. While Sony may not exercise control over Davido’s actions and songs in the African market, according to Davido, they will, in the nearest future, do so over what he  does on the internet that affects the Sony brand.

In future, I foresee Sony having a talk with Davido where it starts interfering with their bottom line. For example, Davido has been in the news for a few weeks now for all the wrong reasons. First wearing a jacket with a confederate flag. Second, supporting Wizkid’s attack on Linda Ikeji of which his own fans shut him down and told him to fall back on the support. Davido needs to and can do better. He is a brilliant artist and has a lot of depth and is kind. Just control the outburst Davido.

Read the damaging rants


Watch the video of the new artist in the heat of the alleged dispute: Mayorkun’s ‘Eleko’

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