The Breakfast Club: Watch Davido Share his Struggle with his Father to Be his Own Man

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Nigerian/African pop star Davido made a recent appearance on New York’s popular morning show, The Breakfast Club, and he definitely had some interesting things to share about his journey into the music business. Particularly interesting was an in-depth discussion about his Father’s efforts to thwart his goal to pursue music. It is one thing to tell a Nigerian parent that you want to pursue a “music career.” It is another thing when that Nigerian parent happens to be a billionaire who fully expects you to obtain a traditional professional degree (business, law, medicine, engineering etc.) in America, and return to manage and operate his empire.

For Davido, that wasn’t his cup of tea. He wanted to do his own thing (music), be his own man, and make his own money under his terms.

Watch and listen to the lengths his father was willing to take to stop him.

Davido is the second Nigerian artist, since Ice Prince, to appear on the popular show.

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