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Davido Denies The Punch Newspaper Story, “I am NOT Wanted by the Police”

The Punch Newspaper, an arguably credible publication, published the news that rising Nigerian star Davido was wanted for assault and battery of a taxi cab driver. I discussed the case when it first began and followed up yesterday with the update from the Punch Newspaper. The artist now vehemently denies the story. He insists he has cleared his name and there is no warrant for his arrest. His press release issued today follows:

I want to assure all my beloved fans and friends that, I am not wanted by the police and no officer in the Nigerian police gave an order for my arrest. I went to the police some weeks ago to give a statement and cleared my name. I did not beat up any taxi driver and the lady that hired the taxi driver and all those that are involved in this matter have made statements to the police and none of them mentioned my name except the taxi driver who claims that a large sum of money was missing in his taxi, in fact the lady in question stated that she was not beaten by anyone and that nobody assaulted the taxi driver.

This is a case of blackmail, and I have resolved not to succumb to any blackmail for money. And to all those that are involved in this conspiracy to bring me down, I want to remind you that God Almighty himself got me to where I am today in my music career and you will not succeed in your devilish efforts to bring me down. – Adedeji David Adeleke, aka Davido

A few things

The comment involving “God” and people wanting to bring him down. This might very well be true but AML artists, let’s keep it real here. But for an altercation where his representatives/cousins, or whomever they were, battered and assaulted this taxi driver, there would be no legal drama. I’ve been clear, especially in the case where we saw D’Banj’s bodyguard beat up  a fan in London, that YOU the artist are also responsible for the actions of those you hire; or can become liable as a result of the actions of those you kick it with. You should make better choices with the people who work for you or represent you in any capacity. These individuals, whomever they maybe, became walking liabilities for Davido. They have succeeded in: 1) creating legal drama for him; and 2) giving him bad publicity.

So, the whole “woe is me” talk he is doing does not get much pity from me, and I suspect others. Rein in the people who do the foolishness around you. It’s about the business of music and enjoying the benefits of your hard labor, NOT dealing with silly brouhaha’s that drag your name into the mix; because you haven’t been unequivocally clear with those who hang with you that, YOU WILL NOT put up with their nonsense. Rein in that childishness/ego trip by others that causes headache, more problems, more money and makes a mockery of your hard earned name.

Time will tell on the investigations and conclusion of this brouhaha; which took place at his residence and has led to all of this drama.


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