Video: “I had to go find myself,” Davido opens up about his musical burnout, new clothing line, and dishes advice to new artists

Davido recently granted an in-depth interview to Factory 78 where he revealed he suffered a personal burnout and needed to find himself. He also shared the following information:

  1. He is in the UK to be briefed by his Sony/RCA team about his EP release.
  2. Last year he was completely fatigued, overwhelmed and needed to just rest.
  3. After getting some rest, he scrapped his previous album and began re-recording.
  4. As a part of his break, he rediscovered and did fun things he used to do, including visiting Six Flags amusement park.
  5. He doesn’t believe receiving awards defines an artist.
  6. He believes in putting the work in and obtaining results for his efforts.
  7. He now spends most of his days recording new music, hanging out with friends, partying, chilling, but mostly focused on recording new music.
  8. His daughter Imade changed his life.
  9. He is now under a structure and is focused on the business of music.
  10. He thinks he has had it easy so far but now the structure in place with Sony affects his mindset.
  11. As a result of the new structure, he can’t change his music the way he used to without consequences such as a delay in album release.
  12. Music producer Shizzi moved with him to the U.S. and has produced majority of his songs on his upcoming EP and album.
  13. He regrets not having a better execution with his song ‘Fans mi’ featuring Meek Mill.
  14. His upcoming EP ‘Son of Mercy’ is meant to “let the world know who (he) is first.”
  15. He was elated to meet Usher and later collaborate with the R&B singer for a track on his new album.
  16. He was thrilled to see his music ‘Skelewu’ in Queen of Katwe. Lupita Nyong’o hand selected all the songs on the soundtrack for the movie.
  17. Love and Hip-hop tried to recruit him for their reality tv show.
  18. Fans should anticipate ten (10) songs form him this December independent of his EP.
  19. He has a clothing line coming out with a yet to be revealed name.
  20. He loves to give and has a foundation where he sponsors four students each year to attend his father’s university. Giving to him just means he will receive more blessings.
  21. He believes you don’t need to collaborate with an American artist to become big. His song ‘Aye’ with no American artist has a stronger and wider reach than his collabos with American artists.
  22. The support and love he gets from his African fans have helped him financially, so much so the American artists he interacts with admire him.
  23. He advises artists to be themselves.
  24. He got comfortable with his career, but now he is “hungry” and rejuvenated to produce great music.
  25. His song “Gbagbe oshi” is reminding the public about who he is and to stay focused on his music.

-Ms. Uduak

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