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D’Banj Ditches Channel O Music Awards, No First Class Ticket, No Appearance – Arrogant?


The latest news report hitting the internet is that D’Banj has turned down an invitation by South Africa’s Channel O to attend its Channel O Music Awards. Of significance, is the fact that D’Banj was to receive a special recognition at the award show. The event takes place today. What was the basis for refusing to attend the event? The basis for D’Banj’s refusal to attend the event is an alleged failure on the part of the network  to secure a First Class ticket for D’Banj to travel from Nigeria to the event in South Africa.

Is this a display of arrogance on D’Banj’s part or just plain disorganization on Channel O’s part?

Folks, this blog is about the business of music and the law. So, let me cut straight to the chase. Channel O is not in the business of charity. They are a for-profit organization raking in millions. Their Channel O Awards show further amplifies the network’s brand and increases the value of shares owned by all of its shareholders. When an artist like D’Banj shows up, it increases both the profile image of the awards show and the network’s bottom line.Why? D’Banj pulls in a crowd, both physically and also viewers watching the show. It is that simple. Further, from D’Banj’s appearance, better believe there will be an edited video footage perambulated both on Channel O’s network and online using D’Banj’s name, image and likeness to market the show. Simply put, they need D’Banj not the other way around. Accordingly, if they invited him, then they needed to be organized and have their act together including getting a basic travel protocol i.e. business/first class ticket for an artist of D’Banj’s caliber.

Could D’Banj have saved the day and still attended the event? Sure, although totally not required and frankly unnecessary to go through all the drama. Nevertheless, he could have boarded and sat in the economy class, thrilled fellow passengers there, sign autographs when it was safe to do so while on board and then release the PR machine post event.

For one, that would have made an excellent headline both for international and local newspapers and blogs.

A PRESS RELEASE HEADLINE I KNOW I WOULD HAVE RUN WITH WOULD BE SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF: “Africa’s Michael Jackson Saves the Day, Thrills Fans, Travels on Economy Class to Prestigious Award Event”

The body of the release would then have included a quote from D’Banj saying how he was a bit disappointed with Channel O organizers, but felt compelled to attend because of his  fans waiting for him in South Africa.

TAKEAWAY FOR ALL READING: I am often invited to speak, host or make appearances at events etc. As a general rule, where I am taken away from my base, I do not go anywhere unless the inviting party takes care of travel and accommodations. This is negotiated into my agreement and I definitely want to see my ticket before I reorganize my schedule to accommodate the inviting party. For international engagements, I now insist on a business or first class ticket for one and one reason alone. I am a tall woman and being confined on an airplane for very long hours to a destination overseas just ain’t gonna cut it. Sorry. As an artist or talent, if you are asked to  perform outside your country, you want to negotiate those riders/perks right up front. Also for artists, don’t forget to get your initial deposit fee upfront.  Promoters, I got you all. I already talked about your view here on Enter ‘Promoter’ in my search box and get caught up!

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