Video: D’Banj Reveals 10 Year Anniversary Project, Proclaims Self as “Michael Jackson & P.Diddy Of Africa”

DbanjRaroLae D’Banj is on the map again. This time, he sits with host Raro Lae of the RLTV Show to discuss his personal and business moves, including his latest music project.

I know some of you AML readers hold a healthy skepticism when it comes to D’Banj. You want to see more of his music and wonder how he manages to still pop on the radar. You also, in your comments over time, keep focusing on him getting a public relations team. From the looks of things he has secured a PR team, and even more specifically, returned to Bobby Taylor in Nigeria. D’banj started with Bobby Taylor and then took his business to Vanessa Amadi in the UK. Amid manages/managed Genevieve Nnaji and Estelle (for the UK markets). In any event, catch Bobby Taylor, in the video below the Raro Lae one, name drop D’Banj and how she is getting him placed in the media.

For me, I can’t knock the hustle.

The raro lae interview was filmed by Champion Studio, in collaboration with Lafamedia Productions, iCirculate & Kedu TV.

“D’Banj spoke of working on “Coming To America” music project for 6+ months ( Including I’m D’Banj Album & EP) celebrating his 10th year anniversary, million dollar Jesus piece jewelry given to him by Kanye Wes exclusive info about his latest music vid, being inspired by Beyonce for current project ( He’s already filmed 5+ videos) , paving the way for international artist, ciroc sponsorship, D’Banj being the P.Diddy, Michael Jackson, Jay Z of Africa, Struggles & obstacles he faced in his 10 Years and more!”

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1 Comment

  1. Winston Balagare says:

    Dapo, how many times did I call your name? Are you hearing me? Yes? Good.

    Let’s recap this entire fiasco of a career of yours.

    First, you became popular in Africa by making, at best, mediocre pop music. Then they started feeling you in the UK, so you felt that global domination was the obvious next step.

    So, you took your “talents” to America, leaving behind in Nigeria those who helped you build your name and brand. By agreeing to continue your career without Don Jazzy and the rest, you essentially said ‘I don’t need them.”

    Wisely, Don Jazzy returned to Nigeria and replaced you with a talented entertainer named Tiwa Savage, whose professional career trajectory quickly eclipsed your own. Tiwa Savage eventually emerged as the reigning queen of contemporary African music. You started selling garri.

    Don Jazzy, Dr. Sid, Wande Coal, D’Prince, and now the most recent additions to the Mavin stable (Di’ja, Reekado Banks, and Korede Bello) have gone on to make some pretty impressive music since you left to seek greener pastures in America. Hit record after hit record has been released by that camp in the past 5 years. You, supposedly, saw the release of some gold-colored headphones in your “honor”. Although you revealed that you actually only received 5 pairs of said gold headphones yourself. Yet you cried and ran out of the room to call your “mommy” when you first laid eyes on the overpriced gadgets.

    Dapo, instead of proving yourself inside of the recording booth, you have decided that you will fashion yourself as some sort of “African Bono”, lending your name and Cheshire Cat smile to a bevy of supposedly well-intended ventures. You told the youth of Africa that they they, too, could live the life of luxury you so desperately want people to believe that you live, just by planting magical cocao beans and waiting for milk chocolate bars to sprout from the ground. I, too, was fooled by this. Even though I know it may never come, I still look in my garden every morning and hope to see the first blossoming leaves of my Snickers tree.

    All the while, during that time,the only music from you that sticks out is your last single, “Feeling The N*gga”, if only for its abhorrent title.

    Now, you’re telling us that you’re the African equivalent of MJ, Puff daddy, and Jay-Z. What an insult that is to those men. At the moment, you’re not even the African Bobby Brown.

    Your words and actions disgust me, because you don’t seem to have any respect for your craft, your fans, or yourself. There isn’t a PR firm on this earth that can save you from the largest obstacle on your path to success, the one hurdle you can’t overcome–you, Dapo. If you never acknowledge the need to improve, you will never improve. You will never become the huge star you pretend to be, and you will always be a small boy, playing big man.

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