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Video: D’Banj Addresses Debt Lawsuit, Lack of a “Hit” Music, & Campaigning for President Goodluck Jonathan


Dr Sid Breaks Up Mo'Hits

Catch up with part 2 of D’Banj’s interview with Olisa Adibua.

1. D’Banj did not know Oliver will be so big.

2. He was in a hotel in South Africa after being rejected by Don Jazzy.

3. For his Koko concert, none of his Mo’Hits team came to support him.

4. As he settled in South Africa, he got word from his team that Oliver Twist was going viral. He booked his ticket and headed to UK for a concert. He contacted Kanye West who agreed to show up after listening to and liking the song.

5. If the right money comes, Don Jazzy and D’Banj will perform together, once again.

6. He received a lot of heat for his support of President Goodluck Jonathan.

7. He asked for an interview with Goodluck Jonathan.

8. He was never paid for the interview. He was paid for his performance as an artist.

9. He would not conduct an interview with Goodluck Jonathan at this time in 2015 because he is busy.

10. When was the last time D’Banj have a hit music? He feels ‘Top of the World’ was that song and was played on World Cup.

11. People are emotional because they want D’Banj and Don Jazzy to perform.

12. Things do get heated at 13:00.

13. He heaps blame on industry leaders to change the trend of making a song have a spin of only 3months.

14. D’Banj gets agitated with Olisa’s attempt and suggestions that he did not create his own music.

15. D’Banj wrote ‘Cocoa Na Chocolate’ theme song for the Agriculture.

16. He denies owing a debt and says his lawyers are on it.

17. He says a friend defrauded him of $2million.

18. He owns a digital distribution company.

19. He refuses to discuss his personal relationship (smart move).

20. He owns all Koko trademarks and intends to do more with the mark.

21. He apologized for his botched Koko concert.

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  1. Winston Balagare says:

    Dapo was singing a different tune, this time. I have to give Olisa his due credit on how he handled this part of the interview.

    When he asked about D'banj's last hit record, I almost lost my sh!t, the way Dapo squirmed about and became agitated. It was at that moment that he was finally at a loss for something clever to say in front of the cameras. "Top Of The World" is a garbage track, and he knows it. If you watch the video again, you can see the sweat stains start to form under his arms as he got worked up about the question. No one at DB records has produced a hit record since they started that so-called label. Even his daddies, Kanye West and Bono, haven't given him a hit. There's nothing wrong with that, mind you; writing a hit record is difficult to do. But don't sit in front of the world and say that you're better than Don Jazzy, Dr. Sid, Wande Coal, or D'Prince, when they have plenty songs that you can only wish you had recorded. Don't say "Dorrobucci" would have been bigger if they had called you to be on it.

    He kept saying that people would have to pay top dollar to see him reunite with Don Jazzy. Go back and look at the video on YouTube of US rapper Wale's visit to Nigeria back in 2013. Wale didn't go to see D'banj; he went to to see Don Jazzy. Wale actually went to see Don Jazzy, as opposed to Don Jazzy going to see Wale. And who was there, bopping along to the music in Don Jazzy's studio? None other than Dapo himself, along with his kid brother. So don't act now as if somebody has to show dollars to get you in the room with Don Jazzy, Dapo. You know what's up, and we know you, so stop acting for the cameras.

    For me, on of the most disappointing things about D'banj is how he idolizes foreigners. The way he speaks of Kanye and Bono, it would be nice if he did the same for Nigerian musicians who came before him. These foreign artists don't care about him, yet chose them over his Mo'Hits crew. The recently released trailer for his collaboration with Akon, the "Feeling The N!gga" remix, displayed graphics that read 'Akon, feat. D'banj'. Talk about being disrespected. But that's exactly what Dapo deserves for turning his back on the folks who built him up.

    Much respect to Olisa, too, for refusing to call that garbage song by its offensive title; he repeatedly referred to the song as "Feeling The Negro". Even then, Dapo's ignorance and arrogance couldn't let him see that he was wrong for releasing a song with such a despicable title.

    1. @Winston, you have finished D'Banj. Go easy on him abeg. 🙂

      1. Winston Balagare says:

        OK. I'm done with him; especially since he still has so many supporters who refuse to accept truth.

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