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D’Banj Speaks: Wants to Date Rihanna, Denies Receiving Money from Nigerian President to Lobby Youth Votes

First, I am glad the Mo’Hits crew finally decided to speak about the issues I raised just a little over a week ago, once and for all.

Second, I am also glad that they chose Sahara Reporters, a relativity credible platform, to discuss these issues. I do have to say that when D’Banj and his team, especially his publicist, decided to grant an interview to Sahara Reporters, they should have done their homework. Sahara Reporters is not some entertainment portal or blog. They do serious investigative journalism/reporting and for the most part they are focused on politics. So, D’Banj getting on such platform and saying, “I am not a politician” is sort of like, “why are you interviewing with Sahara Reporters then?” They are asking elementary things that you don’t need to be a politician to know. You are the UN (Youth) Ambassador (for Nigeria) and they are asking you the same basic questions that an American journalist on CNN, MSNBC or what have you would ask you. So, answer the question and quit with the evasiveness.

Third, I am glad that D’Banj was clear on the fact that he has NEVER taken any money from Goodluck Jonathan, including for his campaign or to lobby votes. He agrees with me that would be unethical and vehemently denies doing so. As one of the few voices that defended his right to interview the President and also was unhappy when Eedris Abdulkareem rained insults on him i.e. “God go punish you D’Banj,” it is good to know that D’Banj has and had clean hands.

Finally, looooooooool on the middle class questions and how D’Banj got scared. I think D’Banj should be educated on the basic issues. Ms. Chika Oduah was not asking him questions on science. He became scared and way too aggressive with her. She was doing her job. Again, it is either D’Banj does not grant an interview to such a platform or if he does, then he should be prepared to answer basic questions like the ones asked.

On a lighter note, D’Banj when asked if he is dating Genevieve Nnaji, denies dating her and also says he wants to date Rihanna. I say why not? Hey, Chris Brown and other American boyfriends of (Rihanna) haven’t exactly stepped up to the plate so if the African guy can do it, then it is what it is. Caribbean and Nigerian cultures have more parallels so who knows? All I hope is that it is trauma and legal drama free.

Watch the interview with Sahara Reporters below

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  1. Tunmi says:

    I had my reservations about D’Banj since he did that interview. Like you said, he was aggressive in his support of Jonathan. And he was absolutely aggressive and rude with the interviewer. Honestly, where is the courtesy? He sounds like the typical Nigerian guy with the “Do you know who I am?” attitude. I would have liked for him to issue an apology to those who actually believed in him, but instead they got excuses. He has an ego problem and he needs to learn to be humble. I do not care much for 2face but his humility endears him to me.

    And I absolutely cannot stand hearing “Am I politician?” Dude, shut up with that. You are on Sahara Reporters, of course, you will be asked questions on a political nature. And he was asked basic questions and he still could not bloody answer. It is sad and pathetic that we are “exporting” this.

    1. Good points but was the “shut up” part necessary? Pet peeve is insults rained on people, celebs or otherwise rather than just getting the point across. You can be strong or even very aggressive like D’Banj in this instance but insults? Common na? Please follow my comment rules. I too want to enjoy visiting AML.

      Thank you.


  2. Bode says:

    Firstly, I felt Dbanj didnt want to make His position known on the #OccupyNigeria Issue but He choose the wrong Words. The question was a good one because He supported the President’s election Campaign but Why are We making it look as if Dbanj is the problem With Nigeria? Dbanj has a right to either support the Subsidy removal or not and He can also decide to sit on the fence even if Hes a UN Youth ambassordor but because He has not said anything We making Him the scape goat.

    Secondly, Im a big Dbanj fan but I also critcise Him alot and One thing I dont get is Why did The interviewer ask Him about Poverty? I like the way He answered that questions though but How is He supposed to know the reason Why Majority of Nigerians are poor? or are We blaming Him for that too…. Im not trying to defend Dbanj, He should be criticised if He did something wrong but Nigerians are blowing this Issue out of proportion. I hope Dbanj apologies but that will never please Nigerians. My Fear for Dbanj is that some Nigerians dont destroy Him with Their hatred.. I have a Twitter account dedicated to dbanj and Mohit, I had a little dicussion with some tweeps and Their hatred for Him is very frighten. It is beyond subsidy removal. I like Your Comment rule and I beg You to visit other blogs/site to see the readers comments. Please Reply

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