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D’Banj’s Idris Elba Hosted Koko Concert Flops: Poor Performances, Very Late Start, Terrible Logistics, Disorganized


KOKO reports that D’Banj’s Koko Concert was a flop. I will distill the key points and also add my own point (which is the first point on this list). I already said this concert did not make sense and was too much of a financial burden, before it occurred. You can read my article here. The flop underscores my point.

I have also said D’Banj needs to take a music break and regroup. A lot has happened for him and he can’t keep going, and going, and going. Everything about him says he needs a break. A break is not failure. It allows you to think, calm down and come back stronger.

1. Way Too Many Concerts, all around the same time. Chris Brown, EME Baddest concert and so many other concerts ongoing. (Yes, it’s the holidays but D’Banj  needed to do this at least before others began their concerts or at a time where it isn’t back to back concerts, given his absence form the country for prolonged periods this 2012).

2. Disorganization.

2. Very Late Start. From 7pm it begins at 10:24pm and the host does not even show up on stage until almost 12:30am. Wow!

3. Lack of preparation for the terrible logistics problem.

4. Poor Performances.

5. Terrible logistics

“Apart from the poor performances, the big fail for the Koko Concert was the logistics disaster, with traffic and access control, seating, in-venue shuttle topping the list. The VVIP area was so over-burdened, many guests who had paid for tables were seeing loitering and complaining.

It didn’t help that apart from the thousands who witnessed the mishaps live, a live internet broadcast by GTbank’s Ndani TV helped showed the shame to millions all over the world, with many giving real time negative feedback on Twitter and Facebook. D’banj trended for hours, with many Koko Concert related hashtags also trending locally on Twitter.

It is still a hot topic on Twitter with hashtags like #KokoConcert, #KokoConcertWalkofLife, #KokoConcertSurvivors becoming trends for the day. Fans are still talking about the show, describing their best performances and how they made it out of the venue.

No word yet from D’banj and his minders.

For many who saw the show, getting back to their cars or to the main road (Ahmadu Bello) became a herculean task; as disappointed fans bowed their heads and slugged their way in the heaps of beach sand as they dragged their tired bodies back home, some crying, others cursing, with another handful trying to push their stuck vehicles out of the sand.

For an artiste who had a fantastic run this year, building an international profile and doing Nigeria proud, it was a big shame for D’banj to end 2012 in utter ridicule, and it remains uncertain what his team will do to manage the mess generated by the events of last night.”

-The has the full story.

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