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Defamation? D’Banj Accuses Dr. Sid of Breaking Mo’Hits Record Label – (VIDEO)

Dr Sid Breaks Up Mo'HitsD’Banj accuses Dr. Sid of breaking up Mo’Hits. D’Banj already has legal problems pursuing him. He better be sure the statements he just made are accurate and not false, otherwise I’d be surprised if Dr. Sid doesn’t come after him for defamation. Dr. Sid is in a good place in his career and personal life now. Who wants the whole world hearing that you are responsible for breaking Mo’Hits?

D’Banj references the leaked audio where Dr. Sid says D’Banj overshadowed him. Does overshadow mean Dr. Sid broke up Mo’Hits? Those are two separate things.

Also, if I recall correctly, D’Banj had an exclusive interview with Ayeni Adekunle in April of 2012 and I don’t recall him saying anything about Dr. Sid breaking up Mo’Hits. In fact, if I recall specifically, he cited  the fact that Don Jazzy was not interested in going along with relocating and trying to conquer the American market via way of the GOOD Music Deal. This was the story D’Banj maintained from day one way before the leaked audio that came much later with Dr. Sid’s statements.

Three years later, 2015, now he accuses Dr. Sid. What changed?

Let’s see what happens with this.



1. D’Banj got an artist deal with GOOD/Def Jam.

2. He turned it down.

3. They entered into a partnership deal: Mo’Hits/GOOD Music/Def Jam partnership.

4. Def Jam would distribute for Mo’Hits.

5. They had a separate production deal for Don Jazzy.

6. Olisa: “Who broke up Mo’Hits?
D’Banj: ‘First person, Dr. Sid.”

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  1. Gistyinka bLOG says:

    Well the Olisa interview is called ” The Truth” but this is long over due for D’banj to address the Mo’Hits Records break-up. It’s not easy over 10 years in game and still making sense.

  2. I have always respected your opinion on certain issues, but as regards this, am disappointed at ur one sided remarks. When someone clearly states that dbanj is overshadowing him and you here asking if mere saying that means any harm. listen to the tone of is voice when he made that statement. He sounded bitter and angry, is it not obvious such person could mastermind a plot to get dbanj off his way? Dbanj was growing too fast and even don jazzy was becoming uncomfortable with it. stop being biased and be realistic with ur statement. Dr sid can go to all the courts in the world, he knows deep in his heart, he was part of the elements that broke mohits. beside dbanj didnt say dr sid broke mohit, he said SID was one of the factors that caused the break up. Even in a 100 years, Sid can never achieve a piece of what Dbanj has achieved.

    1. Babalue:

      1. Come off it with the whole "respect" thing, will you? This is a law blog, which means there will always be a pro and con to every case presented here. If you have been a true follower of this blog, then you should know this. I enjoy and have a healthy respect for difference of opinions and invite and welcome it. What's that got to do with respect? Abeg my broda or sister, take am easy. It's not that serious.

      2. Now as to D'Banj. This interview is a problem for him. How?
      a) He signed a confidential settlement agreement. So, what is he doing granting an interview on the resolved dispute?
      b) He states, clearly, that Don Jazzy had already asked, while in the USA, that he no longer wished to be business partner with D'Banj. D'Banj then begged for six months to work with Don Jazzy and try to fix things. Where is Dr. Sid in that mix?
      c) "Overshadowing" or lack thereof is not the standard in a court of law on a defamation claim. Those are sentiments expressed by an individual but has no bearing on the fundamental legal question of whether Dr. Sid in fact "broke" Mo'Hits as claimed by D'Banj. Even if I agree with you that D'Banj list Dr. Sid as one factor, it doesn't change the fact that it would still be defamation to claim that he was a contributing factor to breaking Mo'Hits if in fact he was not.
      d) People can hate you but not break your company.
      e) D'Banj is yet to FULLY accept responsibility for his part in the demise of Mo'Hits. There is a lot of blame others, position myself as victim. We are so over that. It's time for D'Banj to REALLY grow up. The reality is while D'Banj and Don Jazzy ran a company that on its face seemed successful, there were some serious issues. Remember D'Prince didn't even sign a record contract yet was providing music services for the label and was branded as an artist on the label. Between the owners, there was no clarity and separation of the business entity from the owners and who owned what as joint authors and what Mo'Hits owned separate from the individual shareholders/founders of the company. The list goes on.

      D'Banj needs to move on with the business of music. Dragging Dr. Sid's name into the mix is uncalled for, despite the leaked tapes with Dr. Sid on it. To the degree this affects Dr. Sid's brand, then I say Dr. Sid should go after D'Banj in a court of law for defamation and other viable claims available.


  3. Winston Balagare says:

    You know, it's no surprise that D'banj fanatics would come to AML and attack the blog for making observations and asking insightful questions about this interview between Dapo and Olisa. However, it's still annoying as hell when they do it.

    When will you people learn that Dapo is not your God? He's a man, who is capable of being wrong sometimes. But you people will never see what's directly in front of your faces.

    First of all, let me begin by stating that Olisa is an ass for doing the whole "Dr. Sid voice-as-a-track" bit. You say you want to discover truth, yet you show that you can't be impartial by mocking Sidney the way you did. If they flog you when they see you, Olisa, I won't be bothered. You deserve that much for what you did. If it wasn't for my respect for the LGBT community, I'd comment on the levels of femininity you display whenever you have male guests on your show. But I'll leave that truth alone, for now.

    Back to Dapo–or Oga Titus, as he's proven himself to be recently . . .

    This man is so full of himself, so arrogant, so delusional, he's willing to lie and fake his way all the way to the poor house, or worse. He hasn't had a hit record in YEARS. And the last time he did, he was signed to a record label that's notorious for taking advantage of its artists. The reason they are no longer working together is because neither side stands to benefit from the deal. The label wasn't giving Dapo any money, and Dapo wasn't making them any. Don Jazzy was absolutely correct to go back to Nigeria after wasting so much of their own money living in New York. NYC is expensive! And it's especially so when your American record label is not paying you, and you're not doing shows to generate income.

    I've watched the videos on YouTube. Dapo was so proud to associated with Kanye and Def Jam. But watch the footage for yourself; when Kanye gave him that mumu chain, he gave it to D'banj–not Mo'Hits. Despite his claims that negotiated a label deal, the rest of Mo'Hits was not going to benefit from that arrangement. So, again Don Jazzy was absolutely correct when he chose to stay independent and remain his own man. Dapo sold his soul because he thought he'd reap the benefits later; however that never happened.

    The next thing Dapo tried to do was align himself with every hot artist in Nigeria who was on the verge of big things. He and his small-boy brother even went as far as falsely announcing through social media that they had signed Olamide to their so-called label, DB Records. I guess they thought that if they put it out there, Olamide would feel pressured to join them. Guess what? It never happened. And now Olamide–who was smart enough to forsee it–is a bigger artist than the two of them combined. They even went as far as announcing a roster of artists last year who had signed to DB Records. But where are the albums? Where are the videos? Oloshis.

    With regard to the Dr. Sid recorded audio–did he lie? Wasn't D'banj overshadowing the rest of the crew? Whether by design or by happenstance, Dapo seemed to care more about promoting D'banj than he did Mo'Hits, or Dr. Sid, or Wande Coal. Even that annoying catchphrase he uses–"I'M D'banj!" I AM D'BANJ. ME. Not, "We're Mo'Hits!" I AM D'BANJ. ME, ME, ME. And it's still that way now. has he used this alleged celebrity of his to boost the careers and visibility of 2Kriss or Poko? Nope. Did he shoot videos with them? Nope. He didn't even see fit to include them in the agriculture campaign.

    Dapo, like JJC once said, is a bad seed. He felt the need to mock Dr. Sid (who had a very productive 2014, I should add) and disclose personal information about Wande Coal's family and finances. All the while, he wears that dirty grin on his face, licking his lips like an hungry house cat. Where's the white lion he claims to be? Where's the superstar?

    Dapo is so used to his followers supporting and defending him. These followers loan him money and help fund the lie that is his "career". Now he's relying on these followers to support him again, as he celebrates himself for making mediocre music for 10 years.

    Just be patient, Dapo. Soon, those followers of old will see you for who you truly are, and they will leave you. But it's OK, because they're already being replaced by new followers–debt collectors and litigators. And these new followers, my friend, will never leave you.

  4. Winston Balagare says:

    Please tell me you saw Part. 2. of this interview. Karma is very real.

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