DJ Dee Money & DJ 3K Beg for SUPPORT for their AFROFUSION Event

“All good things do come to an end”

D.I.S Entertainment started hosting events at a time when a diverse set of people in Chicago had nowhere to enjoy the fusion of different genres of music, such as Afrobeat, Hip Hop, Soca, Dance-Hall, Reggae, 90’s, Pop and more. We brainstormed ways to fill this void, which led to the founding of D.I.S Entertainment.

In order for businesses to become successful, it is very important to implement different strategies to increase market share. The brains behind D.I.S Entertainment decided to come up with event series, including Afrofusion, concerts, day parties, Chill Factor and other events to cater to a diverse audience of people.

The idea of Afrofusion was to provide an upscale event where a diverse group of professionals could party and network in a nightlife environment with hopes of building relationships that lead to mutual benefits in the future. These benefits could include job referrals, business opportunities and so on.

“Consistency” has always been our number 1 focus, which led us to taking the highly branded event “Afrofusion” to different parts of the U.S for 3 consecutive years. Afrofusion has visited the following cities: Chicago, Indianapolis, Nashville, Miami, Tampa, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and New Jersey.

Over the years, the niche of people we cater to has changed. Some people felt the “act of socializing” in a nightlife environment was no longer a pleasure to them. The brains at D.I.S Entertainment did some brainstorming to figure out how to retain a diverse niche of people. We decided the best way to retain a diverse audience will is to host concerts featuring top Africans acts ( Iyanya, KCee, Eldee, Timaya, Les Nubians and Naeto C to name a few).

During the summer months, D.I.S Entertainment Day Party series is another branded arm of our business that focuses on bringing people together to network. Partying in the “day time” is something we thought was unique and interesting. Some of our guest felt they prefer socializing in the day rather than at night. Our events attract lots of professional individuals which is why we strive to host events where people can actually network!! We try not to underestimate any individual because no one knows tomorrow!!

Chill Factor is our longest running brand which takes place during the Thanksgiving holiday. Chill Factor attracts people from all over the U.S who are visiting Chicago during the holiday season.

The strength of any business is tested when they overcome challenges. We at D.I.S Entertainment have had our own fair share of challenges and we have been able to learn from our mistakes and strive to continue to serve our audience with quality entertainment.

The purpose of this message to let you know that everything in life is “temporary” and will eventually come to an end. D.I.S Entertainment will not be around forever so please show your support and take advantage of our events while we do what we do best.

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Thanks for all the support!!

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