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Do You Agree with Annie Idibia’s Manager? Is Chocolate City WRONG for Obtaining an Alleged Injunction Against Brymo Until 2016?


Top of the morning/day to you all! Folks, I have been away the past three days on a business trip. In fact, I have yet to just really drop my bag in my home since October 10th, 2013. It has been one travel after another, meetings, conferences et al. Nevertheless, I am not complaining and I am grateful to God.

I’ll tell you all this quick story. I get to the Hilton Hotel where I would be staying on this last trip and I am waiting to be checked in. Guess what song comes on the air?  Asa’s ‘Be My Man.’ I was so happy and it felt good to see Nigerian music really going global, slowly but surely, and especially in the USA.

I bet Asa is registered with ASCAP or BMI, and if she ain’t she ought to.

WHAT’S REALLY GOOD PEOPLE! The craziness has hit the fan. Indeed while I was away, I was still on the pulse of all the news stories flowing out of Nigeria’s entertainment industry and boy has it been interesting on so many levels.

I hope to share my take on the whole Chocolate City alleged injunction obtained against Brymo, soon.

In the meantime, Annie Idibia’s Manager has something to say about this. I can tell you she is not the only one upset about the absolutely powerful shutdown move allegedly pulled by Chocolate City, both within and outside Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

By the way, AML fellow lawyers, can someone tell me who the opposing counsel i.e. Brymo’s lawyer is?

It is indeed legal war of epic proportions. If the label wins, then Chocolate City has just succeeded, once again, in really changing the face of the entertainment  industry in Nigeria. If they lose, then artists have gained a major victory over “big” record labels in Nigeria; and it should force labels to really think carefully before signing their acts.

Check out the tweets and let me know your thoughts.

Officially back in the AML building, at least for now. 🙂


The alleged injunction obtained by Chocolate City against Brymo,  has the following reported language: “restraining him from recording, releasing, distributing any composition, song, musical works or carrying out any activity as a recording or performing artist through or for the benefit of any person or organisation other than Chocolate City pending the determination of the suit against him.”

NOTE: AML people, this is where you all get to work for the benefit of the utilitarian goal of AML i.e. industry benefit. If there are AML attorneys or media persons who make routine trips to the courthouse where this matter is filed; presumably, you have access to this public case records as is the case here in the USA. If so, please feel free to forward a copy  of : a) the complaint and definitely b) the preliminary injunction filed (if any) to me at ( If these documents are not public records or easily accessible, then I’ll work with the above quote once I get a chance to review all of the statements on social media by Brymo, among others. Either way, there are so many ways we can slice this legal case and it is one every creative person in the industry: fashion, music and film should pay attention to.

Annie Idibia's Manager Supports Brymo Against Chocolate City 1

Annie Idibia's Manager Supports Brymo Against Chocolate City 2

Photos via Ladun Liadi blogspot

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