Don’t Call it a Comeback! Watch the Official ‘Obimo’ VIDEO by Kayswitch ft. D’Banj


The ‘Obimo’ official video just dropped and what’s my verdict?

Well. For starters, these two brothers, especially D’Banj, have an incredible style sense. AML reader and men’s fashion designer in the making Oni Ejezie already made the suggestion D’Banj should start his own fashion line, (not Koko Wear) in a prior post. I agree. He seriously needs to.

D’Banj is a style ambassador who has alawys managed to move the Nigerian male fashion image forward. His styling alone and the way clothes hug his long and lean frame is beautiful to see, if you know and appreciate fashion. Not to be outshined by D’Banj, Kayswitch also matches to his own independent style beat. Look at that (blazer)! Y’all see the design details on that (blazer)? That’s all I could really see. Lol! The lining? Unbelievable.

I love the video. It is simple. I like the real life wedding footage inserted into the editing of the final product. I think it is so sexy to have a Yoruba guy singing in Ibo like it’s nobody’s business. I also find it very cool that D’banj’s harmonica is a big part of this song.

I think these two needed to keep the video organic, authentic, simple and re-introduce us to them, and they did just that. The video said, at least to me, “forget all you may have heard about us. This is us. Simple, unpretentious and persons like you all that need love too from you,our fans, our family and our friends.” This is the real us.” I bought the story they were selling.

Back to a Yoruba boy singing in Ibo like it’s nobody’s business.

For Nigerians reading this, I don’t know about you all but growing up within and outside Nigeria and to date, among older circles, there is and was always this unspoken tension between the Ibos and Yorubas spanning from decades of hostility exacerbated by the whole Biafra war. In recent times, we have seen the division rear its ugly head again; and the likes of Kani Fayode further fanning the flames.

To see a younger generation say tribalism doesn’t matter. Let’s all love and accept one another, celebrate our differences and get along; and then lead by example with music that serves to bring people together, is amazing.

Shout out to the entire industry doing this on the regular and picking up the baton from where music icons like Sunny Ade and Onyeka Owenu left off.

Good look D’Banj and Kayswitch. I see you fellas.

For the rest of you, please don’t call it a comeback! 🙂


OBIMO is kayswitch’s hit single off the DKM ALBUM ft D’banj and produced by Deevee. OBIMO meaning “My Heart” in ibo language is a blend of afro highlife beat. The video was directed by Patrick Elis. Please watch and enjoy .. db records, sony music, Produkt Republik 2013

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