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Dr. Soleye to Pay Nike Oshinowo 45Million Naira for Divorce Settlement?


Nike Oshinowo Divorce SettlementI’ve seen several stories about Nike Oshinowo’s alleged divorce from husband Dr. Soleye. The marriage in and of itself was a bit dramatic, considering he was a married man with kids prior to her entrance. Nevertheless, they got married and it appears, based on a joint press release/statement, their marriage is about over, if not over. My understanding was that they were separated looking to possibly reconcile based on their press statement.

However, the news shared at the end of my thoughts seems to contradict that view.

I don’t do family law but I am  intrigued by Nigeria’s family law system. I also find this settlement terms, if true, to be quite interesting. It seems if you are a female celebrity (those within entertainment included) in Nigeria, there is a higher chance of having the court system there rule more favorably for you. Unlike the USA where the family court system gives a much higher deference to women, Nigeria is all about the men and fathers. So, it is significant that a woman can walk in and get such favorable and high settlement terms alleged in the news report below.

I suppose it may be a bit redundant mentioning my above point because Nigeria’s system as a whole has always shown  respect to the wealthy and instead keep it moving when it comes to the poor.

By the way, are you all noticing an increase in divorce among the elite and celebrities in Nigeria?

“According to a report in Encomium magazine, Nike Oshinowo’s estranged husband, Dr Tunde Soleye has been asked by a Lagos High Court to give his ex-wife Dr Mrs Funmilayo Soleye 100,000 pounds and N20million as divorce settlement, and also relinquish their London home to her.

Mrs Funmi Soleye filed for divorce after her husband of 28 years and father of her three children, Tunde Soleye married former beauty queen, Nike Oshinowo traditionally. The court did not only grant Mrs Soleye divorce request, they also asked Dr Tunde Soleye to compensate her by paying N5million for wrecking her marriage and causing her pain.” –


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  1. annonymous says:

    Seems it was Dr. Soleye’s ex wife (Dr Mrs Funmilayo Soleye ) is the one getting the 45 million naira and not Nike Osinowo.

    1. I agree “Soji. . .” (per your email id. Sorry don’t like anonymous commenting) with your observation. However, the story hyperlinked had a headline of 45 million Naira for Oshinowo which is why my headline questions that assertion and wonders. If it is the ex-wife Funmi, I am totally in agreement and actually think that is probably quite minimal when you calculate the value of his assets. Thanks for your comment.

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