Drake Allegedly Shoots ‘One Dance’ Video Without Wizkid, Did Nigerians Overhype Wiz to his Detriment?

According to the press and bloggers, Drake is currently in South Africa shooting his video for ‘One Dance.’ The recording artist has shared images and clips on social media corroborating the press’ stories. In addition, featured artist Kyla who is present in the country has shared her involvement in the song. However, the only person missing is Wizkid, the other featured artist, who is nowhere to be found. This has infuriated many Nigerians and Wizkid’s fans so much so they’ve demanded to know why the “Starboy” is absent from the video shoot. Until Wizkid or Drake confirms Wizkid’s absent, we really don’t know and will have to wait until the video drops to confirm.

Nevertheless, my question is, have Nigerians, in particular, overhyped the role Wizkid played in the recording of ‘One Dance’ as a featured artist? Have they done so to his detriment?

We know Wizkid is listed as a co-writer and co-producer of ‘One Dance’. We also know he recorded a bridge that is part of the song. But recording and performing are two different things. Just because you write and record a song doesn’t mean you will perform the song.

Also, from a practical and cost standpoint, what sense does it make for Drake to have Wizkid in the video just so he can repeat the bridge?

The bridge Wizkid sang, in two places, in the song is:

“Got a pretty girl and she love me long time
Wine it, wine it, very long time
Oh, yeah, she steady on grindin’
Back up, back up, back up and wine it
Back up, back up and wine it
Back up, back up, back up and wine it
Oh, yeah, she steady on grindin’
Back up, back up and wine it, girl”

In my view, as I mentioned from day one, Nigerians have overhyped Wizkid. It’s almost like we don’t believe Nigeria will ever get this moment again so we just blow it out of proportion. It has been an excessive hype. I think thanks to the overhype, Wizkid’s fan base which I argue, until the ‘One Dance’ song, was much bigger than Drake’s, have been instrumental in helping Drake break international records for the first time in his music career. Hip-hop music as great as it is, is not as saturated on the continent. Afrobeats is.

Nevertheless, I am convinced that many Nigerians/Africans do not know or appreciate their value and impact in helping Drake break records and have just treated Drake as a god. Western consumerism among Nigerians and other Africans is a deep disease and the lack of understanding of their value has unnecessarily catapulted Drake to a pedestal. In addition, to me, at this point, even if Drake wanted to feature Wizkid, it is smarter and wiser, from a brand perspective, for Drake not to include Wizkid in the video.

As a main artist, your featured artist should not steal your show. With how Nigerians have treated the ‘One Dance’ audio feature, a video with Wizkid in it will turn it into a WizKid ft. Drake situation, and of course completely remove Kyla from the video or ignore her existence as many have done so far.

-Ms. Uduak

Drake in South Africa

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