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Eedris Abdulkareem: Rapper shares how his brawl with 50 Cent helped Nigerian artists get paid & receive the respect they deserve!


Controversial Nigerian hip-hop artist Eedris Abdulkareem was a guest on ‘Your View’, a daytime talk show akin to ‘The View’ in the United States. While on the show, he shared how his brawl with American hip-hop artist Curtis James Jackson III, popularly known as 50 Cent, finally helped Nigerian artists get paid, and receive the respect they deserve.

Twelve years ago,  50 Cent was visiting Nigeria to perform at the nation’s capital. However, while present in the country, a physical fight ensued between Abdulkareem and 50 Cent on a plane at Murtala Muhammad Airport, in Lagos, that was headed to Abuja for the show that both were scheduled to perform.

Abdulkareem claims he boarded the plane first and sat in the business class. 50 Cent subsequently boarded but believed Abdulkareem was sitting in a seat reserved for 50 Cent. Rather than have the organizers resolve the issue, the two exchanged heated conversations that ultimately resulted in physical blows.

50 Cent, post the altercation, felt disrespected and decided he would not complete his performances (2 outstanding at the time), and immediately returned to the States. Abdulkareem, on the other hand, suffered a backlash, his career took a nose dive, and he is yet to attain the kind of buzz he once had in the music business and among fans. A few years later,  the two were again billed to perform at an event in Abuja. This time, Abdulkareem apologized.

In Abdulkareem’s appearance on ‘Your View,’ he addressed the big brawl that continues to be a topic of discussion twelve years later, among other topics.

Just before we get into the highlights of what he said, AML artists, do note that there are some situations that can have a detrimental impact on your life and career, strictly based on how you choose to respond. Abdulkareem claimed he was protesting the treatment of local artists when compared to foreign artists. He was right. However, the issue was how he chose to protest i.e. the physical fight.

Below are 10 highlights from his appearance on ‘Your View’:

1. His music is purpose driven and about ills in society. Accordingly, he doesn’t expect everyone to like him.

2. He had a dispute with 50 Cent when the rapper visited Nigeria but does not believe it affected his career.

3. He made it clear when 50 Cent was visiting that whatever the organizers of the event he was billed to perform give 50cent, they had to give him. He had an agreement, which included his explicit riders. They agreed. However they reneged on that promised, and their mishandling of the situation was a catalyst in the fight that ensued between him and 50 Cent.

4. He has no regrets for the incident because the incident finally helped Nigerian artists get respect on their own soil and to get paid.

5. He is not interested in songs that are about booty etc. He does not want the money from that kind of music.

6. He is also a farmer/agriculturist.

7. He discussed how he has been able to stay committed to one wife, even though he is a muslim.

8. He discusses his alleged “beef” with industry mates.

9 He discusses the allegation that he lacks the ability to get along with others.

10. He shares his upcoming music project.

The interview starts at 14:00 mark. Watch it and share your thoughts.

-Ms. Uduak

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