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“EME Can Make it Without You Wizkid,” Banky W Sends Message with Release of R&BW Album Track Listing


Banky W RBW AlbumI already said I expected Banky W to try to drown the Wizkid noise by reminding both Wizkid and the public that he does not need Wizkid to make EME successful. How? Unlike other larger labels in Nigeria that are owned and managed by non-artists, Banky W as co-owner of the EME brand, is a successful artist in his own right who can rake in millions of Naira in endorsement deals and still manage to pull in a decent crowd at his concerts.

Banky W sent the above strong message with his recent release of his track listing for his upcoming album, R&B W.

Everyone of the EME crew appears to be on that album except Wizkid. We all know Wizkid is a self proclaimed studio rat. Where is he Banky?

Where does this leave Wizkid?

My thoughts”

1. I think, for Wizkid, it’s a painful move by Banky W. The duo are not on speaking terms, there is no dispute there is a riff between them, the trust relationship and admiration Wizkid had for Banky W as one to look up to seems to have been broken. For Banky W to now release an album with a track listing of practically all EME artists, except Wizkid may appear uncool to Wizkid, even if he never admits it.

2. Banky’s move shows Banky is hurt and is striking back.

3. Banky’s move is also a business move that tells the world the writing is on the wall and EME hasn’t the time to fight over Intellectual property issues, among other concerns, certainly not on the boss’s album.

3. It leaves Wizkid with two options:

a) He might wanna “fall back” and be a part of the EME legacy or else face ostracization; in the alternative,

b) he too can build his own legacy. Look, Wizkid has the work ethics, he, arguably, has learned from the best i.e. EME, he is smart, he is still hungry for success and he has inspiration and competition in the form of Davido to push him. So, why not?

Where the chips fall in this sour relationship is left to be seen. However, all eyes are on EME.

What is your take? I’d love to read your opinions, especially the differing (disagreeing) ones.

Banky W RBW Album Back Cover

Track in my head is Lecrae’s Fall Back ft. Trip Lee. It just seems perfect.


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  1. Kinkster says:

    Sad sad state of affairs. I thought they made a great team. Time will tell if Wizkid can make it on his own.He needs a calm head though, not sure he has it. He’s very talented so I hope so. Just two big egos clashing and I don’t think this relationship will ever be repaired.

    Young artistes please read contracts before you sign and as for Banky W…..I thought he could handle this better. He talks the talk but behind the scenes obviously is be a bit of an egotistic bully. Its a business anyways…sigh.

    I’m starting to piece together what must have gone down on that whole Cali concert fiasco. Poor work ethics going on behind the scenes

    1. @Kiki, that California concert was terrible. I agree with you and your overall take. Davido, for all that is said about him, seems very focused and driven. He has more of an entrepreneur mind. Wizkid displays more of an employee mindset. I’d like to see him step it up.

      Thanks for your comment.


  2. fraank says:

    I believe there is always a room for peace, just ego’s clashing. Bot of them need to grow up and start acting like men. Squash watever it is and get back to businesss. Bankny is the oldest here, you knew wiz kid when he was nothing, you the only one how to get his attention, have a sit down talk with him, swallow your pride and work it out. Don’t go around involving third parties, if you have done anythinh wrong to wiz kid, simply apolojize to him and fix what ever triggered this mess from the start. And if after all of these, wiz kid doesn’t calm down all you gotta do is move on and work on your other artist. You are a brand urself, you still have other artist to work on, and if you can put same energy and work you put on wiz kid on your other artist am sure you be fine. Who knows maybe its time wiz kid moves on!!!

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