Celebrities Behaving Badly

Celebrities Behaving Badly: Emma Nyra Attacks Noble Igwe for Refusing her VIP “Friendship” Treatment in Style Article

EmmaNyraAnkaraWe open the year with our first Celebrities Behaving Badly post of the year.

Truthfully, sometimes Nigerian bloggers and press dey suffer, really. They can’t seem to ever win, can they?

I don’t know about you all but I do not subscribe to the brand of friendship that says because I am your “friend,” I will not eat or cannot advance my business because/when I work with you.  I don’t understand this type of friendship mentality and will never understand and accept it.

Emma Nyra recently took to twitter to call out 360Nobs Publisher,Noble Igwe, because Noble’s staff wrote an article listing Emma Nyra as a celebrity that needs a stylist in 2015. First, that staff is 110% right.  Emma Nyra has a very poor sense of style and in my view, most of time,  she is so embroiled in other drama that no one has really had time to just discuss easy non-dramatic things like style, until now. Well she has actually managed to turn a fun topic like fashion into drama.

In any event, instead of Emma Nyra to take note of this list, or if she indeed had a problem with it, as a so called “friend,” address Noble Igwe privately to resolve the issue, she took to  twitter to talk to Noble in a not so nice tone, all disguised under a so called women empowerment rhetoric. *Confused face.* She also claimed Noble has never supported her work.

Noble Igwe was so cool, in my view, with his response and showed her exhibits upon exhibits of 110% support on his powerful platform to contribute to helping her get where she is. You can read the tweets and exchange below.

Our fashion and entertainment industry needs more critics because our talents are so spoilt and just terrible at handling constructive criticism. You want to wait till American critics call you out on a global stage like Jeta Amata before you listen to your own people abi?

Come off it Emma Nyra will you? And can you take the time to send a “thank you” note to Noble and his staff? The writing and publishing business is a very thankless job. Trust me, he will appreciate you and it will probably strengthen your “friendship.”

See tweets below people. What are your thoughts on Ms. Nyra’s way to personal branding opening song for 2015 i.e. her twitter rants?


Photocredit: TakemetoNaijaBlog


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  1. Lmao at his last tweet.

    1. Lol! I too found it very funny.

  2. Winston Balagare says:

    First, I find it so ironic that she would dare address this topic by tweeting with an avatar that clearly exhibits her need for a stylist's makeover. Those polk-a-dots should not be seen ever again.

    My main point is that Emma Nyra really has some nerve opening her koko mouth. This girl will cake her face with makeup, cover her head with someone else's hair, and slather her legs in Vaseline–then she'll open her mouth to sing, and . . . rubbish.

    If not for the mere association with Iyanya, 360Nobs would have absolutely no reason to ever write a sentence about this woman. Even when she collaborates with stars like Davido, the results are so forgettable, it's amazing she hasn't been dropped from her label.

    Foreign celebs are critiqued on their personal style all the time; it come with the territory. The press is going to talk about you if you decide to become a public figure. Just like when they talked about her alleged abuse at the hands of her label head, Ubi Franklin.

    In conclusion, I don't believe Igwe owes an explanation or apology to Emma Nyra. If she's not happy with the coverage she gets in Nigeria media, let her try to carve out a career back home in Texas (Good luck with that one).
    The one thing I will sort of agree upon, is that women alone shouldn't be targeted for critique. While we're at it, let's schedule a fashion intervention for KCee, as well.

    1. LOL! on Kcee. You are wrong for that. What's wrong with covering your head with someone's hair? White, Indian, Blacks, Asian and African women do it all the time. She just needs to style the hair better.

    2. Temi from Kaduna says:

      I agree that she needs help with her wardrobe and style choices. Let us not forget her nip-slip in the video for Lynxxx's song "Fine Lady". Had she been dressed more appropriately, it never would have happened. And had the men of the Nigerian music industry respected her more, it would have been edited out. Not that it should matter either way, but a more conservative fashion style might garner more respect from these simple minded men. Who knows?

  3. H Dee says:

    The problem with Emma is not her clothes or style. The real problem is that team she has around her. It's only a rumor, but they say she was being abused and no one stopped it. What kind of team atmosphere is that?

    What about the numerous hit records done with other female acts by Iyanya and Selebobo? "Fi Mi Le" and "Oga Thomas" are better songs than anything Emma has ever done; but she didn't get those records from her "team", did she? if she had records like those, she could wear a Snuggie for 365 days straight, and she'd still be a star.

    Or maybe Emma turned those songs down? Maybe those guys didn't think she had the skills to pull off those songs?

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