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Emmanuel Ugolee Kidney Disease: Popular TV Broadcaster pleads with the public to help save his life

Emmanuel Ugolee, a popular television producer and anchor of television shows ‘HipTv’ and The Gist is pleading with the public to help save his life through monetary donations for a kidney transplant. Five years ago, Ugolee was diagnosed with kidney disease and at this point, he is in stage five the disease.

What is Stage 5 of Kidney Disease?

According to, “A person with stage 5 chronic kidney disease has end stage renal disease (ESRD) with a glomerular filtration rate (GFR) of 15 ml/min or less. At this advanced stage of kidney disease, the kidneys have lost nearly all their ability to do their job effectively, and eventually dialysis or a kidney transplant is needed to live. “

What are the symptoms of stage 5 Kidney Disease?

According to, “symptoms that can occur in stage 5 CKD include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Being tired
  • Being unable to concentrate
  • Itching
  • Making little or no urine
  • Swelling, especially around the eyes and ankles
  • Muscle cramps
  • Tingling in hands or feet
  • Changes in skin color
  • Increased skin pigmentation

Because the kidneys are no longer able to remove waste and fluids from the body, toxins build up in the blood, causing an overall ill feeling. Kidneys also have other functions they are no longer able to perform such as regulating blood pressure, producing the hormone that helps make red blood cells and activating vitamin D for healthy bones.”

Why you Should Go Fund Emmannuel Ugolee

Ugolee shared this note on Facebook:

“I was telling my mum that this is where the largest collection of people who pray for her son are and deservedly should be the 1st to know what developments there are.

So my people I bring you news with the most mixed of emotions.

Oga doctors say that to keep that vein properly open it would take more than the balloning done in Kano. I would need what they called a stent. Some sort of metal that would have to be left in there for a while. This was decided on as the facial swellings had began to resurface. So am back in the theatre on the 30th. I am good with the move and far from worried about the outcome.

But that really is not the major news I wanted to break. Truth is the load of this sickness is a lot heavier than I portray. The last four years of bearing the pain of the different faces of it has been nothing short of hellish.

MENTALLY, the struggle to renew the will to keep going, PHYSICAL pain and discomfort ranging from puking like a pregnant woman to breathlessness, the EMOTIONALLY tiring journey and the heart breaking conditions under which FINANCES are sustained give thier daily quota to pushing one over the breaking point.

But the good God Almighty Jehovah has seen me through it all. Having dealt with with a divorce and job loss in the process, only His helping hand can explain the retention of sanity.

I am still however ready to keep pushing, crawling, walking and running back to the point where I regain flight and trust me when i say my esteem has not taken a bow for a micro second and neither am i faking being in a very happy place until I regain full control, however long it would take as business is not looking so bad with prospects but my body is saying it can’t wait for me anymore.

My docs think too that it’s getting tired of the needle pricking and this vein wahala has got expert advice asking me to do the transplant soon.

I don’t want to this surgery in India again. Infact I suggest that any organ transplant you need be kept away from India as they weekly make the news for illegal organ black market deals that has involved even the most reputed of hospitals. 12 of us who went to India at the same time lost our kidneys within a year.

So Yankee it is. At least, the plan that is. But that’s a $100k minimum for starters. N50m lol. 50m and they say do it soon. How now? Lol.

Ok, so desperate situation calling out loud for the company of desperate measures. A good number of my friends have been going on for years about raising this funds publicly. Something I cringed against because of my independent nature and unwillingness to deal with the traditional drama of keeping matters in the public domain. All the talk especially, but sadly there is no telling how much time my body would give me before a final shutdown and frankly I don’t wanna die now. There’s just too much up my sleeves.

Starting this morning you may please now be fiancially a part of being there for me with whatever it is your heart compels you to give so I can stay alive and beat this disease .

5years of half a million a month on treatment has not been easy. A little help is wey too welcome. So kindly give what you can to Zenith Bank Emmanuel Ugolee 1002786554

Your support in this circuit has been most èncouraging and I seize this as another opportunity to say thank you very much for all you have done and are likely to do. May you continue to have a hard time missing God’s blessings. Kind regards
Emma Ugolee”

Where can you donate money to help Emmanuel Ugolee?

  1. Go directly to his Go Fund Me Page.
  2. Deposit your money donations to his Zenith Bank Account: 1002786554

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