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Ex-Girlfriend SUES Ne-Yo for Defamation Over ‘Harlot’ Allegations, he Should Have Watched Iyanya in Action


TMZ Neyo Sued Over Defamation for Harlot AllegationsWhen the whole Iyanya, Yvonne Nelson and Tonto Dikeh love triangle fiasco took place some months back, Iyanya just parked in one corner and stayed away from the drama and media frenzy. When it became clear that he had to speak, he spoke and casually dismissed any insinuations, rumors etc.

Iyanya, for those of you just joining me for the first time on AML, is a famous Nigerian R & B singer with a sex appeal to boot. He is more popular, however, for his pop song “your waist all I want is your waist” . I for one can’t wait when he actually gets to do what he loves to do i.e. sing R&B music, at least per all of his representations to the public.

In any event, here comes Neyo allegedly getting on national television and calling an ex a “harlot.” Raise your hands if you have never thought ill thoughts of that ex, yeah, the one that hurt you bad. The one that even claimed, for the fellas, that the child that looked nothing like you was yours. Did you get on national television or internet public highways and defame your ex? Your answer better be “no.” If you did, you could be subject to a defamation action against you i.e. get your account wiped out with legal fees tsunami style, unless what you said is indeed true.

I have discussed, many times on AML, when it comes to defamation, TRUTH is a defense. If Ne-Yo can show that this woman was a “harlot” when he had his dealings with her, then it could be a case of “too bad, so sad, deal with it.”

What then is the definition of a Harlot?

Used as a noun, it means:

“A prostitute or promiscuous woman.” –

Is she a prostitute? No. What about a promiscuous woman?

“Promiscuity, in human sexual behavior, is the practice of casual sex with multiple sexual partners.” – Wikipedia

Societal norms have changed and both men and women engage in casual sex as if they were brushing teeth or eating a meal. So long as you are not standing on the street corner, it seems to be okay today. However, in the courtroom, what’s really good?

Well, if you can’t tell who your baby daddy is, Ne-Yo could make the argument that it is reflective of a promiscuous lifestyle which then would justify his label or use of the word ‘Harlot’.

What will happen here?
If you are Ne-yo, I hope your attorney doesn’t say fight it all the way. You sing R &B music, you should not have been banging the female to begin with, not without doing your homework since you seem to have a problem with alleged “harlots.” The damage is done, get rid of the case and make it go away so we can all get back to the business of music.

On the flip side, if Ne-Yo believes and there is evidence to show this woman is trying to just get his money, it may be worth taking all the way to trial.

Next time, Ne-Yo, just do as Iyanya does. Deflect and then laugh it off,  make it all about your music  and definitely avoid name calling, after all you did sleep with her didn’t you? No buyer’s remorse permitted here.


“A woman who once claimed Ne-Yo was her baby daddy is suing the rapper, claiming he defamed her by trashing her on a TV show.

Jesseca White claims in her lawsuit … Ne-Yo went on VH1 and painted her as “an unchaste woman who deliberately tricked him into believing he was the father of her child … so that she could fraudulently bilk him of ‘ungodly amounts of money.'”

Jesseca and Ne-Yo used to bang. Jesseca had a kid in 2005 and she listed Ne-Yo as the daddy on the birth certificate. A paternity test proved otherwise.

Jesseca alleges she told Ne-Yo at the time she gave birth she wasn’t sure he was the father, but Ne-Yo went on VH1 and claimed she tried to aggressively defraud him. As a result of the show — which was a “Behind the Music” about Ne-Yo — Jesseca says people have called her all sorts of names, including “c**t,” “bitch,” “pathetic” and “gold-digging bitch. . .” – TMZ

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