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Ghanaian Celebrities Angry at Vodafone – “Why is Amber Rose Hosting Vodafone Event in Ghana When You Have Us?!”


Both Nigeria and Ghana, in particular, seem to have an epidemic disease of having American celebrities from D-list to B list host events in their respective countries. They also have a major disease of having America’s superstars perform in their respective countries at the detriment, to a large extent, of their local stars. Over the years, from ThisDay Festival events, and my ever vocal objection about this, we have seen major improvements. Ghana and Nigeria’s local artists are now slowly but surely gaining the respect they deserve, but there is still room for improvement.

The latest news is, Amber Rose, yes Amber Rose that was supposed to host Music Meets Runway in Nigeria until her highly scandalous photos hit the internet, heads to Ghana  to host an event sponsored by Vodafone. Yes, the same Vodafone that Ghana’s rapper D-Black has sued for copyright infringement.

Apparently local acts did not like this and they made it known on social media networks.

Here is what reports:

“Vodafone had some exciting news this week when they announced that American model, Amber Rose from USA was going to be the host of 020 Live 2011. This was part of the surprises that Vodafone Ghana promised to be releasing periodically prior to the show.

Amber was so excited about it that she posted it up on her twitter page but some ladies in the media took this news to the social media site, Facebook to discuss about it. Their point was that we have good female MCs like Blakofe, Caroline, Jeremy, Jessica and more who could have steered the event well.

“It’s so annoying when you live in Ghana and patronize the services of these telecommunication services and then it comes to shows which they use money generated from your patronage to pay people who are nowhere near talents for you to pay and go watch. Come on, guess it’s time we start calling a spade a spade not a cutlass. We have females MCs who have worked their way to the top and made their names right here in Ghana. Sincerely if Vodafone really wants us to see them as serious, they would have to sit up and go back to the drawing board, Efua Hiagbe commented. . .”

Our entertainment industries need to get over this inferiority complex. P-Square recently said we do not need the likes of Jay-Z and Kanye West to validate Africa’s industries. People seemed to have consternation over what the twins said. Seriously people, get over it. The twins were right. The inferiority complex is exhausting. Great if American celebrities are in the mix, but it is so not needed. Plus, what’s with the obsession on Amber Rose??? *Confused face.* has the full story.

Photocredit: Elle Magazine

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  1. […] 2011 You all already know Amber Rose will be hosting this Vodafone event because I discussed it here. The actual artists performing include D’Banj, VIP, Dr. Cryme, Stay Jay and 5Five. […]

  2. SickOfNonsense says:

    Funny how you mention copywrite infridgement when you've used an image in this article that doesn't belong to you!

  3. Africamusiclaw says:

    @SickofNonsense – I like your name. It is precisely why this blog was established. I am “sick of the nonsense” and rubbish on the legal end and how most Africans just walk all over the law. I hope you enjoy future visits on the site.

    As to copyright, you need a primer on copyright law in the USA since it is the jurisdiction I reside and practice law in. I am not particularly inclined to give you such primer since my time is money, and money is time. But do google it.

    Should you be inclined, you can also visit for my discussions on copyright law.

    Thanks for the comment.


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