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Goodness Gracious! Is Tiwa Savage’s Fiancé T-Billz this Immature? Where Did She Find Him?


This would fall in the “Celebrities Behaving Badly” category but that would be unfair to lump it there because T-Bilz is not a celebrity, although he is dating one.

Last week, I was one of the few completely “awwwwwwwwwed” by the beautiful proposal by T-Billz, the music manager for Tiwa Savage, to Tiwa. I physically found myself so anxious as he got down on his knees to propose to her. I was nervous for him. I didn’t know the guy from Adam. I knew he was her manager but beyond the scope of that, my impression of him was the very sweet proposal that was just soooooooo sweet. I saved that story and was looking forward to sharing it with you all, with my own angle, on Valentine’s day!

What happens? T-Billz totally undercuts me by getting on social media and acting a fool. Is he the first to go from rags to riches? Is he the first to stay in a really expensive hotel?!

This guy gets on instagram and shares a picture saying, he is shitting on haters. T-Billz shared a picture of him “poopooing ” i.e. taking a dump with his pants rolled down and naked to the world. REALLY? As Tiwa Savage’s man you would do that? Really?

Even Nigeria’s Cossy knows where to draw the line.

“We all know prior to their much publicized engagement, Tiwa Savage and manager,TeeBillz had a lavish holiday in the world renowned 7star hotel, Burj-Al-Arab
But, it’s a little shocking that he posted this photo on instagram with the caption ”Shitting on Haters in Burj”.” – Miss Petite Nigeria

Who is T-Billz? What haters would cause him to do this? By the way, is that a joint he is smoking? It might explain the foolishness.

I am always amazed at people who randomly get on social media and have imaginary haters. They could have like one follower/friend on facebook/twitter  and out of nowhere they blurt, “HATERZ!”

Tiwa Savage is routinely compared or said to be Nigeria’s Beyonce.  You can google her: Pepsi deal, Grammy Award(s) as Singer/Songwriter etc.

Let’s do some light comparisons. Beyonce, as we all know, is married to Jay-z. Jay-z has a world full of haters. However, when was the last time you saw Jay-z get in a fancy toilet, soil the toilet and then soil the internet with such juvenile and immature naked pictures of him taking a dump?

Let’s go to Nigeria. D’Banj has haters. P-Square, Don Jazzy et al. When was the last time they took a dump and shared the picture on the internet so they could shit on the haters???! Who is this dude?

I ask again, who the heck is this guy? Where did she find him?

What I particularly dislike about this guy’s behavior is that he does not even have enough haters so that when he shits and publishes his “shitting” activities  on the internet, the media and blogs can publish his name without having to add Tiwa’s name into the mix for him to be noticed.

If you are going to claim haters, please stand on your own, independent of your talent/woman, like Jay-Z, Kanye West, D’Banj etc.

I am also very displeased with this guy for another BIG reason. HE IS HER MANAGER!!! Just because you sleep with/get intimate/propose to your talent doesn’t mean you stop being her manager. When you do, you send us the memo so we lower our expectations. Until then, you are still her manager and you have a duty to protect her interests and brand in the public eye. Where do they find these people?

I can’t believe this dude.

Baby Mama Drama

In another news, there is now a developing story claiming a Mercy Johnson kind of marriage fiasco alleging  T-Billz  is the father of two kids. Sigh.

In my view, there are all kinds of relationships and the world has changed. If the man is taking care of his kids, hey, it’s Tiwa’s business whomever she wants to  marry. If he is not handling his responsibility i.e. the kids, then that’s a different story.

That aside, I am more concerned that while Mr. Balogun may not respect himself, he respects the woman he is with and what she means and represents to Nigeria/Africa’s music industry at large. That picture was not a good look, at all.

Tiwa Savage Tbillz Tiwa Savage Tbillz 2

Photos: T-Billz Instagram,

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  1. WOW….We Ladies have to be careful, if this is true or Not.

  2. Huh? So you attack him for being himself? And insinuate that because the celebrity half got endorsement deals she’s classier than this photo? You can’t be serious.

    1. @Tosin O? Attack? So, your average music manager takes a dump in a toilet, and shares it worldwide, after he proposes to his artist?


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