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HAPPY FRIDAY!!! + Must Read Quotes by Macala Wright, Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation at Group Partners

Happy Friday AML people!!!

It was a VERY busy but highly productive and blessed week for me. You and I have a lot to talk about because I am yet to get on my legal mic and deliver my legal punchlines. There are some really interesting legal and industry news to share with you all. So I will see you all this weekend to do exactly that.

In the meantime, a colleague on the fashion business side of things, Macala Wright a Social Media Maven, Founder of Fashionably Marketing Me and newly appointed Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation at Group Partners, a go getter who you all have to see in action, was recently featured in

Macala dropped knowledge that resonated with me as a business woman and entrepreneur, and is very applicable in the music industry for you artists and music business owners/executives.

Two of my favorite quotes from her feature are as follows:

1. “As I’ve grown (in) business. I’ve learned sometimes you have to cut ties with people. Not all relationships are meant to work out. It’s no one’s fault. In order to build successful personal and professional relationships, goals have to align with all parties involved. I think people spend too much time trying to make things work. Learn to be very critical of the relationships you’re involved in, they could be what’s holding you back.”

2. “There are two important days in your entire life.The day you’re born and the day you figure out what you were born for. I’ve discovered that and there’s no wa(y) to even describe it.”

I echo her sentiments. Be sure to check out her interview. It is quite insightful both for artists and music executives.

Have a great Friday and I will catch you all this weekend!


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