Has Nollywood Lost its Focus? Pascal Atuma CHALLENGES Colleagues to Raise Just One (1) Star in the USA

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Pascal Atunma on UNIPORT Aluu KillingsNollywood film professionals, many of you are constantly at my virtual AML door asking for more film coverage on AML. I will do my best to create more film law and business of film related content for you.  In the meantime, I want to know your thoughts about the note and the  film challenge posed by Pascal Atuma, Nollywood-Hollywood film filmmaker, which he shared on his Facebook page earlier today.

In recent times both in Nigeria and here in the States, all I seem to hear is about squabbles among industry professionals, inflated egos and lack of cohesiveness in getting film projects done. Has Nollywood lost its focus? Let’s hear your thoughts.


My name is “Pascal Atuma”, Nigerian Hollywood based actor, writer, director, producer and stand up comedian with numerous credits by Gods grace.

I am here today to openly challenge “Nollywood Houston Branch and Nollywood Atlanta Branch”, all the players involved in Houston except Mohammed Bah, A B Saliu , Austin Sharp Sharp Ndukwe, Don Okolo and Merlissa Determind, and all the players involved in Atlanta, Georgia side excluding Robert Peters to raise ONE (1) , I mean ONE(1) talented star or not talented star for the continent of Africa in the next 5 years!!!.

The time you guys spend gossiping, envy and jealousy is sickening, please channel it and produce ONE(1) star that can carry a feature film and sell it in the next 5 years. If you can’t do it in 5 years counting from today, Wed the 13th of Feb, I “Pascal Atuma” will visit both cities and raise ONE(1) each for you in a span of a year (one)(1) year.

I am putting it public so the African press and fans will be the judge and the watch dogs. Talk is cheap, very cheap, action speaks louder than voice. You guys are disgracing the whole of Nollywood USA/Africa as a whole in the name of making movies, and blocking the road for the professionals, I am sick of it. Take me up on the challenge please.

I remain,
Pascal Atuma.

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