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HOT 97 Mister Cee Male Prostitute Sex Scandal: “I Get the Urge to Have Fellatio with a Transsexual”

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What a story and I also think a complete missing the point for New York’s HOT 97 radio station. Calvin LeBrun aka Mister Cee, a disc jockey for Hot 97 and an important name on New York’s hip-hop scene, on two different occasions, was caught soliciting sex from male prostitutes/transsexuals. He was arraigned in New York’s criminal court on at least one incident, although the charges were ultimately dismissed.

Just recently, he resigned from HOT 97, after 20 years on the air, after an internet blogger and transsexual named Bimbo Winehouse released an audio which exposed Mister Cee soliciting and paying Bimbo for sex.

Less than 24hours after his resignation, his radio station conducted an interview with him and ultimately persuaded him to return.

The station, in my view, gave Cee some ridiculous advice that enhanced the very selfish actions that got him here in the first place. First, Mister Cee does need a break, as he says, to sort himself out. Second, to tell Mister Cee that his only issue is soliciting male prostitutes for sex, because of the criminal implications, is ridiculous. What about his wife and children? Why is Mister Cee more concerned about the radio fans and how the streets will perceive him than the real damage he has inflicted on his wife and his children at home? Do we, as a society, have our priorities mixed up?

I also don’t know why people keep thinking it’s okay to give a pass to  selfish persons with alleged sexual identity issues so they avoid the commitment they give to their family (wife and children). Why is every bad act related to sexuality excused under the umbrella of, “oh he is just gay, that’s why?” Why is it when persons who reflect character issues that have nothing to do with being gay show us their true colors, we keep giving them these passes?

There was a story I read along this same theme of exonerating persons like these from the selfishness of their acts, some months ago, that infuriated me. A man was married with kids and during the real estate bubble where things got very difficult for him, he coped out by faking his own death and disappearing. The wife, under the belief her husband was dead and with little children to care for, collected his life insurance worth over $168,000.00 to help maintain the family.

One of his children, his daughter, was so deeply affected by his disappearance, she got into drugs etc. Over 10years later, dude shows up, says he is gay, and has a new lover. Fine. What gets me is when he says he did not regret his actions because he needed to essentially “live and find his truth.” The insurance company turned around and sued his wife asking for the money back. The kids, of course, where thrown into yet another emotional roller coaster trying to understand the mess.

Many saw this guy as some great person who could finally be free to be who he wanted to be. I saw him as a very selfish and self centered man who was such a punk he did not have the balls to deal with his reality, bow out gracefully as a man and go be with whomever he wants to be with, while taking care of his responsibility as a father. It is not by force, in the USA, to be married to a woman when you already know you do not have any interest in women. If you make the mistake of marrying and fathering kids, divorce and take care of your children.

I keep seeing this theme over and over again. They perpetuate the idea that gay people cannot be in committed relationships and that actions by selfish individuals can be swept under the rug of being gay and finally “living one’s truth.” Tell me that if you are in Africa, perhaps. Don’t tell me that in the United States of America.

To me, Mister Cee is a liar and a cheat who is willing to risk the health of his wife, and also the well being of his children for his own quick fix and pleasure. It just is what it is. Let’s not sweep that under the umbrella of “gay,” “bisexual” etc. I keep seeing stories like these where the women and children get screwed and we just say, “oh! he is gay and so even though he made a choice to deny his identity, in a free country; and stand up for what he believes, he gets a pass at these extremely dangerous and hurtful acts that are very high risk to the woman he has a commitment with.”

Has anyone bothered to take a look at the HIV rates among black women? It is like we are fast becoming endangered species.

Below is what Mr. Cee had to say with the whole ordeal on Hot 97 and also Power 105 FM’s take.

I’d like to hear your take.



POWER 105 FM BREAKFAST CLUB’s TAKE – The closest to making a bit more sense but again, missing the point. Mister Cee is a married man. He needs to first divorce, then go be with a man.

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