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How to Implement the #ELI Everybody Loves Ice Prince Chocolate City Winning Campaign Strategy!

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Chocolate City Nigeria’s (CC) Ice Prince prepares to release his Freshman album, officially, on October 9th, 2011. To that end, the CC crew have been on full court press leading up to the big day. Everyone of their strategies are certainly strategies I believe emerging and established artists should emulate:

The Chocolate City Crew have engaged the following mediums for the #ELI Campaign:

  1. Media Partnership both online and offline including with (Videos) and
  2. Radio promotions with hosts at major radio stations in Nigeria including with Toolz of Beat FM
  3. Promotional flyers both on and offline
  4. Videography/productions company to videotape a special #ELI Campaign
  5. Distribution of #ELI campaign on both new and social media
  6. Aggressive campaign on Twitter with hashtag “#ELI”
  7. Aggressive Campaign on Facebook: Ice Prince has several Facebook pages including: Everybody Loves Ice Prince Ghana and Everybody Loves Ice Prince Malaysia.
  8. Fan Giveaways – Everybody Loves Ice Prince Giveaway Tickets
  9. Music Beat Competition for existing Ice Prince ‘Oleku ‘and ‘Superstar’ remixes
  10. Press releases to New Media and traditional media

It is no wonder so much buzz has been successfully built for Ice Prince’s #ELI upcoming album launch.

As an entertainment attorney, it is not uncommon for me to hear both American and African emerging artists discuss the challenges of how to break into the music business. The reality is, when life gives you lemons, you must know how to make lemonade out of it. If you are an emerging artists or even an established one, think about incorporating some of Chocolate City’s strategy into your campaign whether your are releasing a single an EP or LP.

  • Partner Up – There are music focused blogs that will be willing to enter into a deal with you to promote your album launch. You have to sit and think through how it will be beneficial to these blog brands. Blogss like, that feature a lt of music, among many, are examples of such blogs. Get a pen and paper and think through, carefully, what blogs you really like and that are a fit with your music and then come up with a CLEAR plan on how such blog sponsoring or endorsing your album launch will benefit. Such relationship, if you can show the value for the blog online and offline, might get you  online campaigns like the one seen on NJO. Cost: Free, technically speaking, but highly contingent on the value you can bring to the table.
  • Radio promotions – While you may or may not be able to get any of the radio stations offline to notice you, there are plenty radio stations online to hit up. Sites like and are examples. Contact and negotiate with the owners on a radio promotion, interview etc. Please, please, please, know the people you approach. Be extremely professional, know their brands and know how you can add value to them. This is business. Cost: Free, technically speaking, but highly contingent on the value you can bring to the table.
  • Videography and Online Youtube/Vimeo Distribution: While you may be unable to afford a videographer to capture all of your activities like #ELI Campaign, you can afford a video camera or even a computer video camera device to create a campaign series that tells your fans what you are doing, where you are, your album launch date and encourages your fans to buy your music. Nothing fanciful. Just straight to the point and a way to talk to your fans and keep them informed. Cost: free.
  • Social Media: Facebook and Twitter etc. are social platforms that offer huge and free advantage in getting the word out. Begin using these platforms to build relationships with your fans, be about the business of music and make your fans feel great so they can create buzz, buy your music and you get noticed for your work. Cost: Free
  • Press releases to new media and traditional media: – New media are yourblogs. Traditional media are your print newspapers and magazines like the Vanguard etc. Send your press releases to them. Cost: Free.

Implementing the #Winning #Eli Campaign Chocolate City strategy, albeit on a budget, can only mean good results, with time. You’ve got an EP? Limited budget? No budget? Use some of the free tools available to you mentioned above and keep at it. Keep pounding the pavement and never, ever, ever give up. Work hard but most importantly, work smart.


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