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Chris Brown Fails Drug Test in Rihanna CaseChris Brown prepares to head to Lagos, Nigeria to perform on December 22nd, 2012. However, he continues to receive rejection practically wherever he goes to perform around the world, based on the domestic violence case that occurred between him and Rihanna in 2009. I suspect the Nigerian fan base and radio DJs will be a lot more forgiving, sadly more from a view of identifying with his popularity than the fact that he made a mistake, he has done his time and he is trying to move on with his life.

Nevertheless, isn’t it interesting, AML artists, that a very talented artist like Brown, just like that, made a mistake that has had a devastating effect on him emotionally, financially, criminally and all aspects of his life? Sex, drugs, violence and women in show biz has been known to be the downfall of many.

As one who also practices criminal defense work, you are probably right if you thought that I hold the strong view that where persons have done their time for the crimes committed, we as a society, ought to get out of the way and let them move on with their lives. I realize how very difficult, in pragmatic terms, this can be, especially given the nature of the crimes committed. . . but, thank God for the American constitution and our criminal justice system, albeit it is not perfect.

In this instance, I suppose I could understand, given the explanation the METRO FM Djs give, on why they would not interview Brown. But, in my view, they are quite judgmental and hypocritical.

You say you support women and have daughters and you have this staunch categorical refusal to interview someone who could be your son or brother etc. because of the mistake he made three years ago, of which he has done his time, yet, you work for and participate as an employee with a radio station that routinely plays American hip-hop songs that degrade, objectify and sexualize women. You work for a station that routinely  plays songs that say the value of a man is solely determined by the change in his pocket and his ability to afford fancy cars, flashy lifestyle et al. The same kind of songs that encourage and mold young men like Chris Brown.

YOU ALSO PLAY AND CONTINUE TO PLAY CHRIS BROWN SONGS ON YOUR RADIO STATION.  How do you explain this ridiculous and contradictory messages  Metro FM?

Let’s not be two-faced about situations like these, really.

Brown is not condoning violence against women by virtue of his appearance on METRO FM show. Further, violence against women is a huge problem that African women for decades continue to deal with and while it is great that these men are able to speak out against violence against women, they can also easily turn Brown’s star power and recognition as a poster boy for what not to do, into an interview that deters millions of young men in Africa who think it is okay to hit women; by having him share his story and discuss the terrible repercussions both emotionally, societally and career wise that he has had to deal with as a result of his terrible actions.

Maybe I am missing something with this story.

Read an excerpt of the story below:

“Award-winning US singer Chris Brown might have a chart-topping song that appeals to the world not to judge him, but that has not ­resonated with two popular South ­African DJs.

Amon Mokoena and Thato ­Mataboge, who host a weekly midday show on Metro FM called The Secret Ingredient, flatly refused to interview Brown.

“We don’t want to be associated with Chris Brown. We are busy pushing a positive message about 16 Days Against Women and Child Abuse and here we are being forced to entertain this concert. We all know what he did,” Mataboge ­explained ­in an email.

In a chain of emails dated from December 5 to December 12 between the pair and programming manager Caren Olsen, sales manager Hazel Tlhabanyane and station manager Martin Vilakazi, the two state their opposition to Brown’s Carpe Diem tour concert currently in South Africa.

“It does not sit well with any of us. As a father to my daughter and as husbands to our wives who have never lifted even a finger to any female, it’s compromising what we stand for as a show and individuals,” continued Mataboge.

In February 2009, the night ­before the Grammy Awards, Brown assaulted singer girlfriend Rihanna after she allegedly threw away his Lamborghini keys during an altercation in the car.

Brown pleaded guilty and was sentenced to community service.

However, in the past few months, Rihanna and Brown have been spotted together on several occasions and are said to have ­revived their “friendship”.

The Metro FM jocks’ opposition to Brown’s concert is an echo of what has happened in some of the other countries he has visited ­during his tour.

In September, protesters in London defaced Brown’s latest album, Fortune, when they stormed music stores and pasted stickers saying: “Do not buy this album! This man beats women.”

Last month in Sweden, an anti-Brown crowd vandalised his posters by sticking the police mug shot of a battered RiRi on them.

Here at home, Mokoena and Mataboge’s objections fell on deaf ears.

The station manager refused to indulge the matter despite other managers understanding the team’s stance.

“We have a business to run, an interview has been booked and it needs to be executed accordingly,” was Vilakazi’s curt response.

But he was silenced by Johan van Rooyen, the acting general manager of SABC radio, who said Brown would cause the station to leave a “schizophrenic impression on ­audiences” at a time when it was supporting the anti-abuse cause. . .

-City Press has the full story.

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