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Celebrities Behaving Badly: Ice Prince and Davido in alleged nasty brawl over music riders


Celebrities Behaving Badly (CBB) is a category on AML that I launched in April 2012 after Seun Kuti went bananas on Obi Asika on social media. The rants and attacks were so intense, I decided to launch the category to gather the foolishness on social media and to use it as a way of discussing, primarily, public relations and branding for artists. On to today’ s post…

This CBB occurred last weekend. Shortly after, Ice Prince’s manager released a statement denying any brawl took place. However, this week, the event organizer Shina Peller issued a statement addressing the brawl. What was reported varies from Peller’s version but there is one consistent thing: Ice Prince’s ego. Ice Prince’s ego was an issue during this event and the brawl appears to be the perceived rider advantage Davido may have received.

What are riders? Riders are the extra terms an artist negotiates in his/her live performance contract as a condition for performing at an event. The rider terms include complimentary tickets an artist will receive and catering. The catering riders have a tendency to be outrageous, depending on the star power of the artist and indeed from Beyoncé to Kanye West, we’ve heard some crazy rider terms. In the Nigerian music industry, if you are a star like Davido you can ask to be chauffeured only in a Lamborghini and most likely suceed in getting what you want. However, if you are Ice Prince, you may ask but might only end up with a Toyota Corolla. What you get is primarily based on your negotiating and star power. Therefore, it is wise, even if you are not a top artist or you an artist whose star power has diminished, to get an entertainment lawyer to work in conjunction with your manager to help you secure the kind of rider terms you want.

In our case study, it appears Ice Prince wanted to be treated like royalty and felt he wasn’t.

Further, if we believe what Shina Peller, owner of Club Quilox says, the end result is that he became resentful when he saw Davido seemingly enjoying the perks that Peller claims he never even gave Davido.

The Moral of the story?

  1. If you can’t the rider terms you want, don’t get resentful. Just increase your value and get relevant again so promoters will be willing to jump as high as you want to give you what you want.
  2. Check your ego especially when your music and brand no longer commands the kind of attention it used to or that you think it should. It’s been a very long time Ice Prince made music that anyone really cared that deeply about. My view is the best music Ice Prince produced was his 2010 hit song ‘Oleku’ featuring Brymo. Since then, in my view, Ice Prince has not really given us memorable music. I also think he got away with it because he was signed with Chocolate City Records. Now that he is solo, he will need to earn that respect not by getting unnecessarily vexed over previous work that is dated for 2017, but actually putting in the work, finding the inspiration, and making memorable music again.

-Ms. Uduak

Owner of Club Quilox’s alleged account of what actually happened

“Okay here’s what really happened, my arrangement for the concert was to have a tour bus, so there was no time when anyone had a saloon car.

It was a tour bus which everybody was in including myself, my artistes, Lil Kesh, CDQ and everyone just so we are all together to have fun but along the line I found out that Davido had some friends in Warri.

Davido was in the same bus with us from the airport to the hotel, he used the same bus from the hotel to Quest FM where we went for an interview before the show.

It was at Quest FM his friends came to pick him with a white G-Wagon, I don’t even know the owner of the G-Wagon. So he was in his friend’s G-Wagon from the radio station to the event venue so it wasn’t an issue at all.

When we were coming back to Lagos, it was Ice Prince that got to be at the VIP lounge. Myself, Davido, Lil Kesh and others were outside in a shed with just a standing fan.

Really it’s all one family everything is resolved now. The only thing that got Davido upset is the fact that he felt Ice Prince was being disrespectful to me not even to him because even Davido didn’t complain about any of the logistics issues it was Ice Prince that complained a little that’s all.”

The previous version reported last week (April 22, 2017)

Davido and Ice Prince fought in Warri and it was messy!

 “…Last night, an event (Delta Alive) organised by Shina Peller (owner of Quilox night club) went down in Warri. The show had Davido, Lil Kesh, Ice Prince, CDQ and others as headliners.
According to an inside source, trouble started from the airport when Davido was picked up in a G-Wagon while Ice Prince was picked up with a saloon car.
The gesture infuriated Ice Prince and he let the organisers know he wasn’t pleased. Davido got to hear of his complaints and was angry too.
Then the issue escalated during the concert when Ice Prince was made to perform before Lil Kesh, a move that’s seen as an insult to the bigger artiste.
Ice Prince made it an issue backstage and Davido who had been boiling from the car complaint and obviously a close friend of Lil Kesh jumped in defence of Kesh and things got messy.
Our source said, ‘when they got back to the hotel, Davido was really pissed so much that he went to Ice Prince’s door and started shouting and banging on the door before they calmed him down. When they were coming back to Lagos, they had to move them to the airport separately and put them in separate lounges at the airport because they were still boiling at each other’.
There’s also news that the fight backstage led to the destruction of equipment but LIB can’t verify that information at the moment as efforts to reach all parties involved has been futile so far.” – Linda Ikeji

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  1. Winston Balagare says:

    Can we please address the issue of Lil Kesh being looked at as some sort of third-tier artist? Since when is Kesh not a major draw? This is the Headies all over again. Lil Kesh has more hit songs than Panshak and his entire Chocolate City crew. Let’s be clear–Ice Prince should not even be spoken of in the same breath of a Davido, Lil Kesh, or CDQ.

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