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Celebrities Behaving Badly: Don’t Create a Social Media Crisis Like Ice Prince When Your Girlfriend is Accused of Cheating on You

Celebrities Behaving Badly is a category on AML that I launched in April 2012 after Seun Kuti went bananas on Obi Asika on social media. The rants and attacks were so intense, I decided to launch the category to gather the foolishness on social media and to use it as a way of discussing, primarily, public relations and branding for artists. On to today’ s post…

I don’t know why many celebrity artists share as much information as they do about their private lives on social media, especially when that private life involves loved ones or romantic interests. It’s not enough that people have to deal with the spectacle that comes with dating a celebrity, now they have to have their lives dragged on social media, thanks to all the unnecessary sharing.

Ice Prince began dating a young lady of Ghanaian heritage. True to form, “we have not been able to hear word.” It’s been one public display of affection after another including photos of his new girlfriend with his son. Everything has been kosher until rumors of his girlfriend cheating on him began circulating social media. In a so called defending his girlfriend action, Ice Prince  took to social media to rant about his girl friend not being a cheater.

First,  let me say that Nigerian artists and celebrities and the brands that represent them handle personal or professional crisis terribly. Many times, they create the crisis by how they respond to the problems raised.

Folks, why would any mature man need to get on social media to defend his girlfriend cheating on him, especially under these circumstances? I really don’t see it. What me and my woman do in our bedroom, I would think if you are Ice Prince, should be off limits. If you will defend, there is a way to do it and do it correctly to shut the noise down once and for all. Otherwise, if you get in there and have no clue what you are doing, it blows up in your face, becomes a far worse situation and depending on the facts, you lose respect and credibility.

Ice Prince has only succeeded in fanning the flames here and has created an unnecessary social media crisis. You know your woman, you are with her, any issues, you face her, she faces you. Have the confidence to be with your woman without inviting the public to be a part of your bedroom. Your actions with what you do with her demonstrates that you trust and believe her. If they say she cheated on you and you are still seen in public holding her hands, doing things that you need to do with her, then you have spoken in a mature and affirmative manner. Should you feel the need to respond, it can’t be you personally getting in front of the trolls and “haters” trying to explain that your woman did not cheat on you. That is setting you and your woman up for failure.

You don’t owe anyone on social media explanations that your woman did not cheat. Doing so is immature, shows you do not trust your woman and invites others to show evidence to the contrary that your woman is in fact cheating on you. Evidence that will have you riding on the emotional roller coaster response you have been on and draining the heck out of you. Indeed, the alleged man who started the rumor in fact shared pictures of himself with Ice Prince’s woman on social media.

There is no context for the pictures, when or where it was taken. However, what it effectively did was raise doubts and make Ice look silly. So what happens? Ice responds by sharing social media messages that seems to suggest he now believed his woman cheated. I suppose he was finally able to speak with his woman because he is back on social media defending her.

Can someone please tell Ice to get off social media? It certainly will not be M.I. Abaga since M.I. the President of Chocolate City Records now says he supports and now understands “the depth of the situation.”

What this tells me is that Ice, Vice President of Chocolate City Records, didn’t even think to consult with the President, M.I Abaga to explain what his “depth of situation was,” how to handle it and the best way to respond, if it needed a response. I guess leadership at its best is being displayed right now.

If you can’t see why Ice’s rants on social media, that really is all about saving his ego and face by pretending to be defending his girlfriend, makes matters worse, then I can’t help you.

How is Ice’s action on social media adding value to his personal brand? How is it adding value to the Chocolate City brand? How are his actions adding value to his role as Vice President for Chocolate City Records?

A mature man knows his woman, and she knows him. What they do behind closed doors is entirely their business. If cheating is involved, the more reason why it is nobody’s business and why Ice and his woman need their privacy to sort things out for themselves. By the way, this ain’t no Toni Payne, 9ice and Ruggedman situation. That was an entirely different set of facts with so much complicated crap and history it is not worth drawing the distinction here or even referencing.

Anyway, eventually this social media crisis of the day from our Nigerian celeb shall pass. Let’s just hope when it does, the damage is not too much on Ice Prince’s personal brand and worse Chocolate City’s. Either way, if he was trying to avoid a bruised ego, I think he just succeeded in looking silly.

I mean Ice even called out this married man who allegedly cheats. That’s impressive I suppose because it is rare you see men in Nigerian society tell their fellow men it is wrong to cheat. But wait… who is this married man supposedly cheating on his wife with again? Who has he knowingly been cheating on with his wife all this while? Either way Ice succeeds in raising character issues of his woman and unintentionally (I presume) confirms that his woman cheated with a married man, even if that relationship is no longer active. Ice, please take it offline biko. If indeed this guy is trying to play some game, it is the more reason why you should never have responded in the first place. Who gives attention and let’s the whole world in on a man trying to “steal” your woman?

Be confident in your relationship otherwise why bother?

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with me? Why?

-Ms. Uduak

Ice Prince Maima
Ice Prince Maima 2

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