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(In Nigerian accent) Heeeeeeeeeeeeey!  A mini-vacation does wonders. I’m BACK!!! Back in the AML building ready to take over my couch and chill in my (virtual) house. All I am interested in watching and discussing is strictly the business of music, music law (Intellectual property i.e. copyright and trademark laws), music industry news and legal drama (lawsuits and threats to sue). Industry, I don’t mind a few songs every now and then but if it ain’t hot, please keep it moving. You don’t know me, I don’t know you.

I intend to enjoy talking about the aforementioned topics much the same way I am enjoying catching up with the NBA finals. Y’all catch the last OKC v. Heat game? I’m indifferent as to who wins. My team (Lakers) is out. So, may the best man win on this one. Okay, maybe I sorta wanna see OKC win, but we shall see.

A couple of things to share with you all. During my mini-vacation, I attended a friend’s wedding. While there, I ran into a school mate from my college (SJSU) days here in the USA. It had been over 10years since I last saw her. Anyway, we start talking and she mentions something I discussed here on AML. I said to her, “gurl, are you an AML reader?” She responds, “I sure am.” It was so funny the way she said it. Loooooooooooooooool! Shout out lady if you are reading this. It was so good to see you!

The other thing is, I got to see my brother, albeit brief. Y’all, no family is as fly as mine. Seriously. Naaaaaaaah . . . your families don’t even come close. 🙂 All jokes aside, it was great seeing him. He retired last year from playing professional basketball. He played for quite a long time and still looks fit and as great as he did way back when he first started playing pro. I am proud of him and all of his accomplishments. While I might not play pro ball like he did, I admire him and certainly hope I shut it down in and outside of the court room with the same energy, drive, piercing focus, skills and POWer he always brought to the game.

Yes people! I am back in the building and y’all already know how “I does it.” I take no prisoners on the celebrity legal drama, music business and industry news, anything less (for me), would be unacceptable.

It feels good to be back. Peace.

Catch y’all soon AML people.


Name: Ime Oduok
Height: 6ft 9in
Country: Nigeria
High School: Hope Waddell, Calabar
College: Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles
Degree: BA Finance
Languages: Spanish, Yoruba, Efik, Eket, Pidgin

Played pro: 1996-2011 in Europe

Photocredit: Sebastian Stankiewicz/;  K &M Ziolkowscy

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Credited for several firsts in the fashion and entertainment industry, Uduak Oduok (Ms. Uduak) is a fashion and entertainment lawyer, speaker, visionary, gamechanger, trailblazer, and recognized thought leader, for her work on Africa’s emerging global fashion and entertainment markets, and the niche practice of fashion law in the United States. She is also the founder of ‘Africa Music Law,’ an industry go-to music business and law blog and podcast show empowering African artists. Her work in the creative and legal industries has earned her numerous awards and recognitions, including an award from the American University Washington College of Law for her “legal impact in the field of intellectual property in Africa." She has also taught as an Adjunct Professor at several institutions in the United States. For more information, visit her at

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