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Industry News: COSON Makes Music History, Pays 25Million Naira in Royalties to Members

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The news about Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON), with an excerpt below, is very good to read. December 13th, 2011 marks a historic  day for Nigeria’s music industry. This is MAJOR and a job well done to COSON. Africa Music Law hats off!

” . . . In his more than 30 minutes speech which received intermittent applause and a standing ovation at the end, COSON Chairman, Chief Okoroji traced the multiple successes of COSON in its short period of existence. In the words of Chief Okoroji, “I was told that COSON would never be registered by the government and indeed significant steps were taken to block the registration of COSON. Copyright Society of Nigeria Ltd/Gte (COSON) was on December 9, 2009 registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Abuja. I was told that COSON would never be approved as a CMO. Indeed, a huge amount of money was spread around to ensure that COSON was not approved. On May 20, 2010, COSON was given the certificate of approval by the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) to be Nigeria’s sole government licensed collective management organization for musical works and sound recordings. I was told that COSON would never be admitted into the membership of the International Confederation of Authors Societies (CISAC). Indeed a significant international campaign was mounted to stop COSON from being so admitted. On June 24, 2011, news came from Paris, France that COSON had been admitted to the membership of CISAC.
“Today, the wings of COSON are spreading fast across the globe and our activities are being significantly supported by our partners in Geneva where the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has its headquarters; in Oslo where the Norwegian Copyright Development Association (NORCODE) operates from; in Harare where the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) has its headquarters and across many nations in every continent of the world where CISAC has member societies”.

Chief Okoroji said that it has since been a period of indescribable wall to wall activity fueled by unquenchable self belief and that COSON has become the affirmation of two maxims: where there is a will, there is a way and together we stand, divided we fall. Said Okoroji, “I can say with deep conviction that in the east, west, north and south of Nigeria today, among the young, old or middle aged in our industry, COSON has become a game changer as artistes across the country have become inspired by the COSON slogan, “Let the music pay!””

The highlight of the meeting was the announcement by Chief Okoroji that in keeping with the promise earlier made by the Board, the sum of N25,720,588.20 (Twenty Five Million, Seven Hundred and Twenty Thousand, Five Hundred Eighty Eight Naira, Twenty Kobo) was available for immediate distribution to all members of COSON whose names can be found on the society’s register as at May 19, 2011, if so approved by the AGM. The scheme was indeed approved by the members and the distribution started at the venue amidst singing, dancing and jubilation as hundreds of musicians stood in line, collected their royalties peacefully and thanked the Almighty for witnessing the day when such could happen in Nigeria. . .”

-Questionmark Magazine has the full story.

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  1. This is EPIC. Im so proud of Chief Okoroji for being persistent, consistent an most importantly for parking his ego firmly at the door to work with the current crop of entertainment people who are not his contemporaries to find solutions that will benefit others after they are gone. I thank this generation of artistes and proffessionals for refusing to re enact the tussles of entertainment elders who held people hostage with thier shameful ego tussles over who should collect what for DECADES… big up to Efe Omorogbe for being so relentless… Joey too…. too many to mention…

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