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Industry News: Ike Orizu’s TruSpot Celebrates 5 Years in the Music Digital Media Business


I already congratulated my colleague Ike Orizu, CEO of Truspot, on Twitter. However, for the benefit of readers who have never heard of, a website with pan-African music from across the continent, I salute him and his team, formally, here.

Orizu, a young but quite accomplished digital media entrepreneur, has made tremendous contributions to Africa’s music industry via his company Truspot. A pioneer in the field,  I have the utmost respect for Orizu both as a visionary, a fellow music/entertainment media entrepreneur and as a man who shares a strong passion and is committed to seeing Africa’s music & entertainment industry soar.

Orizu’s website has been a pacesetter in letting Africa and non-Africans experience the richness of the continent in ways never thought possible. Further, as competitors have entered the market place, his brand has managed to stay  innovative and relevant, showing the adage “slow and steady wins the race” is indeed true.

I send a big salute to Orizu and his team at; and wish him nothing but continued success. I also encourage all of you reading this post to visit, subscribe and spread the word about Orizu’s work and brand.

Below is a message from Tru Spot on 5years in the digital media space. Read and be sure to check out the website. Artists, you all should have a profile on There simply is no reason not too. Also, it is an important music portal to sell your music and reach even more fans.


December 1st, 2011

“TruSpot turns five years old today. The beginning of a vision that we knew will change the African web and music industry. It’s been quite a bumpy yet enjoyable ride on our journey to change the way people listen to African music globally; and while we’re at it we have a lot to do as we continue to expand on the vision. In addition to TruSpot’s fifth anniversary, today is also World Aids Day. Let us continue to stay united to fight against AIDS.

Since TruSpot launched (five years ago), a lot has changed in the African web and music industry; in particular the amazing change of how we perceived African music and how it was delivered to us. Even though we have moved from the days of CDs to downloads,  . . .  artists, labels and (other persons) involved in the creation of their content still don’t profit enough nor feel they give their listeners and fans the opportunity to experience their content at best. [T]his is why we are here to continue to change this for the better, remaining innovative and creating amazing solutions.

We have grown to be Africa’s most used music service globally, providing users with unlimited music listens, wherever and whenever they want it. Attacking one of our missions to eliminate piracy and give the users a better experience while they enjoy it all legally, benefiting the artists and users at the same time.

This year, we were able to put together a great team that has been all about the growth and development of TruSpot nonstop. [W]hat we have come to realize, (however), is (that) in order to achieve our vision, goals and change things for the better, we need . .  .to be (more than) a music site. We want to give you an entertaining journey that never ends, and for that to happen we have expanded TruSpot to not only be Africa’s most liked music service, but also make it Africa’s Social Entertainment Hub, getting a wider community to join us and discover much more, giving back more to content rights owners and generating revenue to build the best African entertainment network service. We want to make TruSpot the home of African entertainment, giving the users an amazing experience at all times, from listening to music, to reading reviews and blogs, watching a movie or seeing behind the scenes of a music video shoot and so much more. All these are done to complement each other, as they are all connected to each other.

Working hard to make all this happen, we understand that you want your music, entertainment news or community updates at all times. We have launched better mobile apps and mobile web app that has been doing good. But we are still at work making better versions and more for devices that have none yet.

As promised we will continue to offer TruSpot as a free service to all supported by advertising. We have signed partnership deals with companies this year that we can’t wait to announce to you all; and this we plan to announce in our ever first press conference in the next few weeks.

We thank you so much for your support, we love you and God bless Africa!


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