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Industry News: NBC Bans Phyno’s ‘Man of the Year’ and Wizkid’s ‘Back to the Matter’


I have talked about this issue till I got blue in the face. You can have a great music video, or great lyrics but our artists and the labels that represent them are soooooooo lazy in editing and creating a radio clean version for consumption by the general public, especially our children.

I don’t understand why the West whose styles and language we copy (“N*gga” “b*tch” et al. ain’t no Nigerian/African terminology”) in our songs KNOW to edit the nonsense but we don’t. Often times, when I receive music soliciting publication, I am forced to choose between publishing such content or not at all. I have passed 98% of the time and the music coverage on most of my sites has reduced drastically.

It is very uncomfortable for me to constantly have to place disclaimers or ask my writers to place disclaimers on your songs when YOU SHOULD and CAN do it yourselves. I have made my adjustments because I believe I should be a part of the solution not the problem.

I am grateful to executive members of Nigeria’s regulatory bodies who are regular readers of and part of the Africa Music Law community. They read my writings, they are in agreement with my position on this issue, some have reached out and they assure me they are taking these valid concerns I raise into consideration; and most importantly, doing something about it. This is about protecting our children, which we all have a responsibility, regardless of how creative we are, to do.

Phyno’s ‘Man of the Year’ is a solid track but he had to go throw in the “N’ word et al. Same with Wizkid on his ‘Back to the Matter.’

In any event, check out OAP Gbemi’s tweets today begging you artists to begin complying, otherwise they will be forced not to play your songs. Y’all know what that means? You get hit where it really hurts, your pocket books.

Artists, it is an easy fix, really.

SHOUT OUT TO X.O SENAVOE (Ghana/Nigeria) AND EDEM (Ghana), two artists that have, right from the onset, taken the initiative to create and give me radio edited versions of their works.

That’s it for me, for now. Catch you all much later.


(Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi (aka Gbemi O.) is a Nigerian broadcaster and presenter, especially known for presenting programmes on radio station Cool FM and on Beat FM, where she currently hosts a show.-Wikipedia)

“Gbemi O.O ‏@GbemiOO 2h
They used to send us a list of NTBB (Not to be broadcast songs) . Recently they said they will not send any list anymore
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Gbemi O.O ‏@GbemiOO 2h
They have instructed us not to play “The matter” , “Man of the year ”

Gbemi O.O ‏@GbemiOO 2h
Artistes pls censor your songs . Take the time to make a radio edit if you want it played on radio. NBC is breathing down our necks

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