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Industry News: Sammie Okposo’s ‘The Statement Album’ Secures Distributors Across Africa – Music Distribution Deals

I received the news below from Sammie Okposo’s team a few weeks ago but have sat on it for a minute. Inbox is full people. I gotta chip at it slowly but surely. (By the way excuse the typos in my last series of posts. Ewww! Errors corrected!) Sammie, good look and congrats to you!

AML Artists, a couple of quick points on distribution deals/distribution agreements:

1. Unless you will self distribute, expect to give up some of your legal (copy) rights. Therefore, the key is the ability to come to the bargaining table with strong leverage.

2. Understand what you sign.This is a must. When a deal of this magnitude is brokered, you should have your entertainment lawyer involved. If you can’t afford a lawyer at this stage of signing such a deal, check with the Nigerian Bar or Ghana Bar Association to see whether there are lawyers that may offer pro bono services. For my AML USA artists, check with non-profit organizations like California Lawyers for the Arts or New York’s Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

3. Don’t expect to get a distribution deal like P-Square or Sammie Okposo if you have nothing to show for it. You know how irritated I get to see artist just sit on Facebook , Twitter etc. like they have nothing else to do. You gotta put in the work. Get out there and form relationships with industry people, your fans and colleagues. Also, you need to show real traction both offline and online of what you have done so far. What is your track record for the kind of sales you have managed, on your own, to sell prior to getting a distributor involved? We gotta see the numbers. Artists signed to labels, you are also a part of this equation. You gotta do your own lifting, to some extent, for better leverage on what you are willing to give up for where you are trying to go.

4. Finally, don’t forget my discussions on distribution deals and the kinds of structured deals that take place  in the industry. Click Archived AML Kel v. Capital Hill Music case for that discussion.

(Sammie Okposo press release below):

“Few weeks after the release of his fifth studio album, the management of multiple awards winning singer and Globacom ambassador, Sammie Okposo is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the singer’s album is well distributed across African countries. This is aside the international deal signed with Oklahoma based record company, TMG Records to distribute the singer’s album across America, Europe and Asian countries.

Okposo’s album which is being distributed in Nigeria by Tjoe distributions is moving units and we scooped the singer has been smiling to the bank ever since its release. The management of Zamar Entertainment, Okposo’s record label is however partnering with a variety of distributors across different countries in Africa.

Currently, the album is being distributed in Ghana by Vineyard Productions who we gathered is one of Ghanaians most respected distributors. The deals with other distributors from Kenya, South-Africa, Cameroon and few other African countries are also in their last stages.
The album is made up of 15 tracks to kick start The Statement Series. Other tracks on the album will be on The Statement Series 2 and 3 albums. The management of the artiste said the decision to reduce the number of tracks on the album is to enable the fans of the artiste to listen, enjoy and digest the music.

The buzz created by Okposo’s album release concert especially via the new media, radio stations, TV stations and cinemas made it one of the most anticipated albums of 2012.

Okposo who put pen to paper with Oklahoma based TMG (Tate Music Group) Records last year as the first black artiste on the label says the album is a must have by all music lovers. “So many works went into this new album to ensure we come out with a perfect work. We invested lots of energy and money into it to make it an outstanding success”.

After a staging a breathtaking album release concert in Lagos and Abuja featuring one of the biggest gospel stars in America, Dietrick Haddon, Okposo hinted that a promotional tour and concert will also be staged to unveil the album in Ghana, South Africa, London and America but a definite date has not been fixed.

Sammie Okposo has been able to craft a niche for himself in the Nigerian music industry. He is well regarded in the gospel circles in Nigeria and outside her shores.”


Interesting video here. Sammie, on the opening scene, it feels more like an African American church. Shey na like dis una dey do for Naija now? It’s been a minute I have attended an all Nigerian church, especially a Sunday church. Seventh Day Adventists are not as loud with their praises.

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