Tema Rapper Gabe Smalls Commits Suicide After Girlfriend Breaks Up With Him

Peace FM Online reports:

“Gabe Small, an upcoming rapper from Tema ended his life yesterday in what could be described as infidelity in his relationship.

The 21-year-old got very emotional when he found out his long time girlfriend had left him for another guy.

On 22nd November he updated his facebook status saying “Seeing the one you love love someone else is like having a dove in a cage. love it soo much,you do everything to make sure its safe and happy but deep within it wants to fly away,soo nothin you do pleases it…..You jux gotto let it go,mourn it as if it was dead and let da pain it left you Go. . .”



Gabe Smalls death is a good time to remind all artists reading this and all of us, in general, to make ourselves and our healths priority so we can handle the many curveballs life throws our way. Artists, clearly you all have lives outside of music. Yes music is your life but you still have a life outside of it. If you don’t have a life outside of music then you got mad issues.

If you spend every waking moment in a studio or on a computer doing music to the point where it gets you sick, you really got mad issues.

You need to strike  and find a balance. If you are a new artist, you are killing yourself before you even start. You will make music but you can’t even enjoy it because you are spent, drained and just plain exhausted from it all. For more established artist, working on limited hours of sleep for prolonged periods and years can only take you so far. It does take a toll on the body.  Beyond the fact that you truly are less efficient and creative with the constant abuse on your bodies, when you experience set backs in your personal life, it is harder to handle. This is because there is a chemical imbalance in your body and the body is not going to handle trauma  the way it should because it lacks the ammunition it needs to fight your battles.

So, take care of your bodies, your mind and your spirit. Especially as an emerging artist like Gabe Small, what good is your music if you are not around to bless the world with it for as long as you can?

In addition, as tough as it is, be wise with the persons you choose to be with. There is simply no denying, especially in the creative fields that the higher up you are, the more attractive you become for persons with their own agenda. It is your responsibility to discern character, irrespective of what kind of sheep clothing it appears. You can’t be discerning when you are not mentally fit as a result of poor health habits and overall poor mental and emotional health. In addition, you can’t let go when you realize you have been sleeping with the devil, for lack of a better word. You hang on for dear life because the alternative can be as drastic as Gabe Small’s.

Take breaks, have a life.

Take care of you, please.

My condolences to Gabe Smalls’ family and friends during this difficult time.

PEACE Fm Online has the full story.

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  1. Let's be real says:

    Is this reporter for real? What a biased and overall waste of a read! How could you share the same sentiments of many who have yet to grasp the issue at hand– no one knows what goes on in another’s head or how and what he felt before committing suicide. What you should be advocating for is widespread outreach for individuals experiencing stress because this incident is 1. A lesson and 2. An eye opener and should be treated as such.

    This is a sad excuse for journalism

    1. Africamusiclaw says:

      You are not making sense. A young man killed himself over a failed relationship, per the report. He tweets about his failed relationship, equates it to death and mourning and shortly after kills himself, per the news report. Where exactly is bias?

      The article acknowledges the report and independent of the report discusses mental health issues and the need to take care of one’s health, especially in the creative industries and you are saying biased???

      There is no need to even get into the numbers because I doubt you would get it if you did not get the gist of the article. Also, this is a blog i.e. an open online journal where I state my views on things. If you want more objective reporting, I suggest you try my other brands that lean towards arms length reporting. Here I really do have an opinion about everything. Read the “About” tab to get to know me.


  2. Delhi says:

    Thanks for sharing. I would like to say this blog is really good ,keep up the quality of your work.

  3. this is sad he not suppose to kill himself

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