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Ini Edo Vehemently Denies Allegations She Rigged Votes in Film Festival Online Voting

Actress Ini Edo has recently been forced to defend against allegations that she rigged votes in a recent online voting system; to determine the best actress at the 2011 Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF). Edo has vehemently denied these allegations including ones levied from fellow industry mates.

On twitter, she wrote during America’s Thanksgiving celebrations, ” I did not rig de votes or use any software to raise my votes, I came on tweeter and my fb page and asked my fans to vote 4 me. I heard some even went on air and announced. This allegation is a calculated attempt to smear my name for whatever all my fans who voted, thank you. I appreciate all your support and love, Godbless.”-Ini Edo

Supposedly, according to a tweet from a local journalist in Nigeria, AFRIFF organizers have ruled “beyond a reasonable doubt” that the integrity of their voting system was compromised. If such ruling is indeed true, then AFRIFF needs to work harder to ensure its voting systems is not so easily manipulated.

““I have been monitoring this voting since it started and it beats my imagination that actress Iniobong Edos votes rose from 2586 to 6693 votes in less than a fraction of a second! I am definitely not implying anything but what happened speaks for itself and at this point i would say that the award is a sham, a big lie and a cotton over the eyes of innocent voters.

They should tear down the bloody polls and let us concentrate on something else!” – Stella Dimokokorkus/Journalist


I fail to see why  it is hard to believe that Ini Edo might not have had anything to do with the voting system being rigged?

Can’t both exists? That is, the poll was rigged and Ini Edo never sanctioned, approved or much less knew that there was rigging going on?

Whatever the conclusion, the bottom line is that organizers have to come up with a better system that has all the necessary security measures so voting is not easily compromised in the future. As it stands, for a very young film festival, this is highly distracting and calls into question the credibility of the award event.

See tweets exchanged back and forth, courtesy

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  1. Bebe says:

    I dont know why people continue to single Ini Edo out when MASSIVE rigging was performed by ALL the contestants in this polls, including the organisers! This is just a case of making her a scapegoat in an already flawed polls where 18 actresses where made to vie for one position! What did the organisers expect? Please lets be fair. give balanced report!

  2. Africamusiclaw says:

    @Bebe – “give balanced report” do you refer to the news reports or tweet images in the story? If you refer to my article, this is about as balanced as it gets. I am yet to see any other report online support Ini Edo’s statement that she did not rig the votes, except mine of course. I think her position is totally plausible.


  3. Ruby says:

    That AFRIFF polls was a scam! The organisers were rigging from within! As anyone who actively voted. Votes of some nominees were being decreased from within and others increased! Ini is the least of people’s problem. They shd point their searchlight to the REAL scammers!

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