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Inspiration: HAPPY FRIDAY!! The Answer You Least Expected is Actually the BEST Answer for You


HAPPY FRIDAY AML PEOPLE!!!!!!! I hope your week was great! I had a BLESSED week and in fact took today off to unwind a bit. I am the luckiest girl in the world because I finally got an answer to an issue I have been trying to resolve for a long while. I put all my energy, time and focus on this issue and many times I wanted to give up. Oh boy did I want to give up. It did not seem like it was worth all the sacrifice, headache and stress I had been going through. However, the answer I believed I would get once I could get a resolution to this issue kept me pushing me to stay the course. Many times, I fell but I got right back up.

I did not want to regret not trying hard or giving it all I had in me, plus, I ain’t no quitter.

The answer finally came. It was a shock. It was not the answer I was expecting. I could have been angry. I wanted a different answer, after all of my hard work for so many years. 24hours later after the answer came. It hit me! The answer was the least expected but it was the BEST answer for me. I felt so relieved “asin” burdens lifted, free and very happy, like truly happy and excited because it turned out to be the best gift I have had in a very long time. The moral of the story? In all that you do, give it your best, never quit and be okay with not getting what you want because the answer you get, is actually the best answer for you.

Also, do know that when one door closes, another opens and it is a much better door for you. All you gotta do is just walk with that style/swagg that is uniquely yours and own your space in the world.

The soundtrack in my head is Mateo’s ‘The Rise of the Pheonix.’ Wuuuuuut? I don’t know why? It’s been many ages since I even thought of this song.


In another much lighter news and for the ladies, I saw a list of the 21 things women do during their period and I could not help but laugh so very hard. I don’t take myself too seriously, believe it or not. I am a certified yabber. Bring your best and una no fit yab pass me. LOL!

Anyway, I saw the article below of which I have extrapolated appropriate excerpts in case the fellas choose to read below the line above. It was very hilarious to me. You all ought to take a look at the visuals on the hyperlinked site to appreciate this fully.

Fellas, real men, y’all already know to fall back when your ladies are going through this during that time of the month, yeah it’s a cycle and you can’t win. The only persons that should be caught in this losing battle against raging hormones are the emotionally disconnected and immature men. LOL!

Have a fantastic weekend ahead.


Some excerpt follows:

21 Things We Think Are Okay To Do While On Our Periods

Pretending Calories Don’t Count
21 This Women Do On Their PeriodSo that means we can eat pretty much EVERYTHING, right? Chocoholics unite! Greasy spoon enthusiasts, eat on! These kCals are like manna when you’re grubbing harder than Kim Kardashian in the third trimester.

Wearing Sweatpants For A Week
21 Things Women Do 2
Skinny jeans are the last things we want to squeeze into when we’re cramping and more bloated than Matthew Perry on his return from rehab. Sweatpants, stretch pants, whatever your weapon-of-choice – just no buttons allowed. And if you have to go to work, it’s an elastic waistband kind of day.

Wicked Mood Swings
21 Things We Think Are Okay to Do On Our PeriodWhen it’s that time of the month, our moods fluctuate more than Rob Kardashian’s weight. What’s especially great is that we can easily dismiss crazy spells using our periods as an excuse. Here’s how it goes:

“Babe, you were f*cking bat sh*t last night.”
“Hahaha, I know. I’m about to get my period.”
“Oh. I want nothing to do with that.”


Elite Daily has the full story.

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