Introducing Nigeria’s DOPEST EMCEE – CocoIce (Video)


It has been a very long time I have been this excited about an artist from Nigeria. The last artists I have been very excited about have been Blaise and Da Grin. I use to cite Da Grin as my favorite rapper out of Africa, then Sarkodie following closely. X.O Senavoe is my favorite out of the U.S, UK, Africa ( for those wondering). It’s the lyrics y’all. He is a beast (lyrical, poetic, creative, complicated, intelligent and the list goes on). Hopefully with improved delivery and overall tighter presentation and  a good business head on his shoulder, he can really shut it down and y’all can finally see what I have seen from day one when I first heard him.

Back to the topic at hand. As I was saying, it has been, on a personal level, quite a long time I have been very excited about an artist out of Nigeria. My favorite genre of music, as you all know or should know by now, is rap.

Allow me, therefore, to introduce you to an artist that every part of me says will be the next BIG thing in Nigeria’s music industry. She goes by the name CocoIce. I introduced her before. I didn’t care for name. I still don’t. I also felt her style needed to reflect her voice i.e. her own unique perspective. I felt she looked more like Eva the rapper. She no longer looks like Eva but she still needs her own unique perspective. I recently saw rapper Zee rocking the same look she is rocking in her video. She is above the cut and her style should also reflect that.

On the video, can we edit the Denrele and the other dude out? In fact also edit the dancers.  I really don’t know what they were going for but it is not “werking” in those sections.

Meet CocoIce, again, in her latest video. I have heard a song or two independent of this remix of Da Grin’s and she has the SUPER STAR IT factor. She is talented. There is a maturity to her sound, her lyrics her on point, she does not lose her authenticity as a Nigerian. Indeed she spits in Yoruba, English and Pidgin too. She raps that she sings and raps. If that is true, then she is a double threat. I am excited and I know if this is just the beginning, then the best is yet to come!

Notice I said, Emcee NOT Femcee. I believe, based on what I have heard from the industry for a while now, that she can take both the men and women, in MY book, and she still emerges as one of the dopest if not the dopest. (She still got work to do but she is on the right track). Definitely AML Approved. Waiting for that remixed intro track to her single ‘It’s me’ in this video.



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