IROKO’s Jason Njoku Named Growth Ambasssador for Nigerian Stock Exchange Alternatives Securities Market

Jason Njoku Tedex EustonJason, you don’t say. What a seemingly good look. Folks, I have noticed several things about Jason. He has tapered down the arrogance and bullying in the digital space, in my view. There was a time I could not go any given week without getting a contact from Nigeria looking to retain my services on these tactics. I don’t practice in Nigeria, so hey. In any event, I barely receive those kinds of contacts anymore.

Further, Jason finally agrees with me that image matters and he is definitely projecting a more subdued yet firm and refined swag.The over-aggressiveness you may apply on the streets of London or Alaba markets, is not necessarily what is applicable in all instances, especially with fellow geeks, filmmakers, musicians and other talents et al. In fact, now he (speaks) about supporting the young entrepreneurs behind him. What great music to my ears. Needless to say, he will be held accountable to make sure his rhetoric marches his actions.

Equally important, he is also really polishing his image and repositioning himself as an expert in his niche area. Not bad for a guy who grew up with no father, failed 10times at all business ventures he tried, but refused to give up.

His new position working with the NSE as an ambassador for their Alternatives Securities Market is rather interesting. The massive cleanup we have seen in the past few years in Nigeria’s financial markets, including the whole prosecution of top bank executives, makes Jason’s appointment particularly interesting to watch. Let’s see what exactly it means to be an NSE Alternatives Securities Market Ambassador in the weeks, months and years ahead. Whatever it means, I hope it translates to a scandal free reign.

By the way, the greatest branding for Jason Njoku, ever, has got to be his speech at TEDex Euston 2012. Ah-mazing! That speech took Jason from the harshness of the Alaba markets he always bragged about being able to navigate, and the hard knock life growing up he experienced and just said, “look, I am not as bad. Excuse the brashness. I am funny, smart, I do have a good heart, I have a compelling story and I am just trying to make it too.”  It humanized him. Good look.


VENTURES AFRICA – CEO of the world’s largest online distributor of Nigerian movies, Jason Njoku has been confirmed as an official Growth Ambassador for the Alternative Securities market (ASeM), a specialised board for listing small and mid-sized companies with high growth potential and is part of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE)

Njoku, who is CEO and co-founder of iROKO Partners, started his business in 2010, streaming Nollywood movies for free. Today, his company, iROKOtv, is the world’s largest distributor of African movies online.

He was nominated as a Growth Ambassador, thanks to his track record in building a successful, global Nigerian tech company and promoting business best-practice.

At 32, Njoku is the youngest member of the Growth Ambassador programme for the ASeM and will be working with advisors to look at how Nigeria’s young, budding entrepreneurs, notably in the technology and Internet sphere, can access funding and mentorship from business veterans and investors.

On joining the ASeM Growth Ambassador programme, Njoku says: “It is a huge honour to be recognized by the Nigerian Stock Exchange for my work within Nigeria’s business and technology sector and I Iook forward to starting an immediate dialogue on how w can collectively encourage and support the young Nigerian entrepreneurs of the future.”

VENTURES Africa has the full story.

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