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Is D’Banj Losing his Relevance in Africa’s Music Industry?


D’Banj has been collaborating with names locally and internationally for his upcoming album. He is doing the appropriate appearances on television and radio but something seems amiss and if we go by awards he is not winning or his stage performances, including the most recent one in Zimbabwe where he was booed off stage, it would appear that his star power is beginning to diminish right before our eyes. I don’t really see much innovation, musically speaking. D’Banj says he is more of a business man. Is D’Banj hinting at putting music to the side while pursuing other personal and business ventures. I may be wrong but hey, tell me what you all think. Something doesn’t quite gel when I see D’banj these days.

Is D’banj losing his relevance in Africa’s music industry?

Your thoughts?


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  1. Onuawuchi Ejezie I’ve never gelled with his music. I think (looking at him here) he’s more of a business man than an artist. Maybe he should venture into fashion. Just my thought!!!
    21 minutes ago via mobile · Unlike · 1

    Murewa Todera Omoba Dbanj is more of a business man. I think the reason he seems not to be gelling anymore is that there are many “entertainers” out there. Before, Dbanj was the only entertainer, all others were “artiste.” Now, the novelty has washed off, all artistes have become entertainers, churning out lyrically useless songs, relying on beats and dance. With all these other entertainers out there, people expect more from the original entertainer but he has no more novelty to give. And people’s anger at the Mohit breakup doesn’t help matter. But, I think Dbanj’s going to be in the industry for a long time, just might be behind scenes now. The transition is what’s playing out right now.
    2 minutes ago · Unlike · 1
    Uduak Oduok Murewa Todera Omoba Well said.
    a few seconds ago · Like

    Uduak Oduok Onuawuchi Ejezie – I think he would do really good in fashion.
    a few seconds ago · Like
    Ehimanre O. Ebhomielen There is no growth in his music. There are a new breed of African artists taking things musically to the next level and i don’t see Dbanj truly competing in that arena. Granted he is an entertainer but there is only so much entertaining one can do when not back by substance..
    22 hours ago · Unlike · 1

    Saheed Taiye Adepoju The music industry has entered a death spiral.
    20 hours ago via mobile · Like

    Prince Hakeem The music industry in this country is on a ventilator and that is mostly because these “artists” have saturated the market with the same crap…..nobody really yearns for anything from these people anymore because they mostly sound the same..I don’t know how many times May Dee is going to use that one beat, same thing with Ice Prince, I cant even tell the difference between VIP and Aboki anymore and the fact that they are whoring for every naira means they will perform every weekend anywhere 2 or 3 shows a day that people get tired of their crap…This past weekend I walked out of that Guinness concert even before Tiwa Savage and Psquare got on stage cause it was the same crap and that is after they ran across town from the Tee A show at Intercontinental which I was getting updates from that that show was also BORING…..Dbanjs performance @ the Guinness event I wasn’t even interested in cause it wasn’t going be anything different maybe a change of wardrobe and how expensive the jacket he had on will be the Headline the next day…nonsense
    about an hour ago · Edited · Like

    Uduak Oduok Ehimanre O. Ebhomielen Saheed Taiye Adepoju and Prince Hakeem I couldn’t agree with you all more.
    a few seconds ago · Like

  2. Bobby says:

    D’Banj has slowly been bowing out as an artist since the Mohit debacle. In my opinion Don Jazzy knew just how to bring the best out of him. Now D’banj is lost with no guide and he’s confused as to what angle to push. With his few collabos he seems to be getting more desperate as an artist and his fast growing number of concert flops should make it clear to him as well. I feel he should concentrate in other areas of entertainment.

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