Is D’Banj too Small for “Beats by Dre?” What’s with this “Mugu” House Boy Persona Thing he Does in America?

BeatsbyDreD'BanjWhat’s with this “mugu” house boy persona like thing D’Banj does when it comes to his dealings with American media, celebrities and brands in the USA? D’Banj has had so many opportunities in his dealings with globally recognized American brands/celebs to fully and intelligently articulate his brand message to the American masses but he always misses these amazing opportunities.

I am noticing a pattern. I am unsure if it is a loss of confidence, temporary confusion or just being star struck. From Kanye West, ABC News, Bob Shriver, to Apple, it’s like D’Banj forgets his worth, his brand value and just takes on this weird persona and role that has him unable to talk any real sense.

Yet another new example. D’banj recently signed an endorsement deal with Apple as its brand ambassador for Beats by Dre in Africa. This is an absolute big deal and quite the accomplishment. However, from the announcement of that deal to its marketing and promotions, it’s been disappointing to watch how D’banj and his team have handled it. (In Pidgin/Ebonics & English) Dem soak the headphones for gold. Tell you say dem don customize am finish for you. Now u wan do ‘Yes sah?’ What’s good son?

Didn’t D’Banj get the memo that he is from a continent of Kings and Queens? Doesn’t he know his value? Didn’t he get the memo that his own country houses twenty-three billionaires out of fifty-five on the continent? Doesn’t he know that despite Ebola, AIDS, poverty and everything else we’ve heard before, every Western brand that is in the know wants to do business in Africa, and especially Nigeria?

What’s with the full on “mugu” house boy like persona gear D’banj wears when he deals with American brands, celebrities and media in the USA?

As an African youth ambassador, business man and so much more, he needs to know how to occupy his space when he shows up on American soil. Stop with the house boy like persona and the absolutely not funny “we ain’t seen this in Africa” implicit and explicit references. It’s an insult to fellow Africans like myself who are very proud to be Africans and make no apologies.

You are an artist-entrepreneur who just signed a major deal with an American brand to represent them across the entire continent of Africa. They did not sign the deal with you because you sing great or you are handsome or whatever floats your boat. They did it because you’ve got something they really want  (your major brand reach) and for a small amount of money they are paying you, they expect to get a HUGE monetary return on investments.

Accordingly, why haven’t you called a press conference the whole time you have been in Los Angeles, or when you made it up North (Silicon Valley) to the Apple headquarters to communicate your brand message by discussing the significance/impact of your signing for US-Africa relationships, especially on the entertainment front?

Aren’t we past the childish jokes of “jen lo kpe mommy and daddy” (let me go call my mommy and daddy) at this stage and with your repeated exposure to the American media, brands, celebs etc. Isn’t it time to talk directly to the American masses? Are you here for music business or to hobnob with the celebs and famous personalities? How many years now of doing that before we start penetrating the US in a real sense of the word?

Somehow, every Nigerian artist always does a great job of having American artist or corporate brands keep them in Africa. They just can’t seem to close the deal here, and of course we all know why. If you don’t, then subscribe to the AML Newsletter and be the first to know when my book publishes.

By the way, why isn’t Jimmy and Dre by D’Banj’s side in an official press conference  acknowledging the impact of Apple signing D’Banj and the weight of the 800million people on the continent he carries? Why is D’Banj receiving a very luke warm non-chalante reception and treatment from non-executive staff members of Apple?

It feels like I am watching MOBO Awards or BET Awards where the African acts show up but get handed their awards backstage. Only this time, the main stage is available and open but the African acts don’t see their value so they ask for the award back stage and stay there.

D’banj needs to step it up in the USA if he will purport to speak for Africa and African youths. He needs to start with a press conference here in the USA and be clear on his role in bridging US-Africa relations via the entertainment industry. Since early October he signed this deal, what has he done beyond a few tweets and now this ridiculous video to articulate his brand message?

AML artists,  please don’t “wanna just come to Amerika” and be famous
. Have a clear agenda, work with the best in the game which should include your own people who are in the industry here and believe in you. DO NOT work with your own who have the mentality that Africans should take the back of the bus seats and be grateful for what they are handed out. That’s so 2000 and “dark ages.” Work with Africans and non-Africans who believe you have a rightful place on every major boardroom, media house, or what have you and are committed to making sure that happens, not accepting “nos.”

Be about that  business of entertainment.

And that’s all I got to say about this.

View the video below. What’s your take?


D’Banj Beats by Dre

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  1. Seun says:

    your post goes way too far. i have seen the video and i dont see anything vaguely resembling the picture you paint in your article. !1t off, can you please define the Dbanj brand. I would really love to hear your version because as far as i can see, this is simply the same Dbanj that we all know.
    Also, you forget that artists are people too; what he has achieved is not a minor feat considering where he's coming from. It's easy to sit in your high chair, living in America and criticize over and over. Sister the hustle is real down here.
    I honestly think the headline and derogatory comments of your article are unnecessary and unfounded.
    Seems like you're just trying to leverage this as publicity for your upcoming book….it is well, we're all on the grind but getting ahead at another person's expense is just plain wicked.

    1. @Seun – The hustle is real. I know this. Lived it in Nigeria, lived it in the USA. Worked closely with those who lived it, for years. It continues for the artists and creatives that I know, that's why I created a service, Africa Music Law, three years straight all on my dime and time, available 365days a year educating artists, all at no cost.

      The most important and expensive gift you can give is time, second to that knowledge.

      As a result, artists (Africans and non-Africans) have done much better and other entrepreneurs. Their testimony, not mine.

      EXHIBITS as to D'Banj
      1. D'banj on a visit to the USA Endorses an American Political Candidate Bob Shriver:

      What American artist visiting Nigeria has ever endorsed a Nigerian political candidate?
      D'banj is not a permanent resident or US citizen. He can't even vote. He not only took this photo up, he followed up with news from his camp endorsing this candidate.
      Who does this? Is that reflective of a person who has clarity on what he is here to do as an African artist? D'Banj has two choices, focus on D'Banj and leave "Africa" and his alleged representation of Africa out or bring Africa in. If he does, I am an African and I reserve the right to say the image you project of me and others like me, I don't like.

      2. I have numerous archived exhibits. Use the search box. But apparently, I am not the only one who sees things this way.
      Read Music Business: Open Letter to D'Banj – "When Begging Did not Work, he Resorted to Other Means" by Eromo Egbejule published on AML.

      When he Represents Right, I Give Props
      D'Banj TEDx Speech:


      That was not my intention but no problem. I'll take it. I do believe I should be compensated for all this time and money expended in enriching and enhancing the lives of others, with my hard earned unique knowledge and industry experience; complete with scars to show and I absolutely make no apologies for it.

      So, yes, do look for the book when it is released. I've been hard at work writing and I am in a music law book mental state of mind. I read, eat, sleep and talk it these days. I probably will discuss it even more on the blog and podcast as we get closer to me completing it. I gotta get it wrapped this 2014.


  2. (Social Media Comments 11/18/2014)

    Saheed Taiye Adepoju Sadly i don’t think DBanj understands the technology space too well to comprehend the magnitude of his signing. He could very well sign Apple into Africa and be the sole distributor of Apple in the entire region with his signing. SAD.
    49 mins · Unlike · 1

    Uduak Oduok Saheed Taiye Adepoju – Somebody GETS me. Exactly my point. He is SO big and I think his brand positioning here is becoming disturbing to me, at least. If he would look at how BONO presents D’banj, I think it would go a long way.
    38 mins · Edited · Like · 1

    Saheed Taiye Adepoju I would make personalized Apple products with DBanj coverings. He doesn’t have a website in his name, ZERO brand presence. He is a very very good entertainer but hasn’t been able to squeeze branding out of it. Uduak Oduok He has no brand presence. Like you mentioned in your writeup, NO press conference to solidify the signing. He gets a gold plated headphone, then what? Is he just a poster boy that can be mentioned in board meetings so they can justify their presence in Africa (notice..not even Nigeria o). I don’t know for the man, i don’t know who his advisers are, they don’t know nothing about technology. The first thing i would do is walk to computer village, set up a technology shop and sell Apple Accessories with my face all over it, i would add such a deal to my signing. As a technology person who has tried building a brand over the years with little funding, DBaj was given this opportunity on a platter of Gold. It is VERY upsetting.. *sigh*


    Alex Omenye Am one of your loyal readers,have been on AML for 2years now..and have followed your biggest assessment on music,law and how it affect Naija industry an artist promoter/digital media strategist,this is my greatest source for information.. As a critic,have noticed you go hard on D’banj more than you do alot of Nigerian artist.,you give him very few nods but alot of positive criticism.,is D’banj is our John the Baptist? I had say yes..he needs to pave that way fast for our growth.. I feel if alot of us in the industry,especially the influential quit thinking quick financial benefit over structural/creative development..and start putting people in checks (no smiles) and putting out suggestions for improvement like you do with this platform..Nigeria would start ripping ‘bigger’..i always use LIVENATION, bravado as pointers,how much can be made through merchandising, structured tour facilitation..have facilitated schengen tours in the past,and you need shitty these Eu-basd naija promoters do business..Thankyou Uduak for constantly putting me in the know,you use the biggest market (US) as case studies..we might not do it like them, .but if we copy half of what they do,we would have progressed than this.. Football Vs. Fashion Vs. Music Vs. Nollywood should had been a better debate
    19 mins · Like

    Uduak Oduok Alex Omenye hmm… Don Jazzy thinks I go hard on him more than anyone else. I have also heard from many top names in the industry who feel I am hardest on them. I don’t have favorites. I focus on topics that hit main stream and then take them on sharing legal analysis, branding, PR and music business tidbits and insight. My style is atarodo i.e hot sauce. Nigerians/Africans are particularly not used to this. . I praise D’banj a lot. I have written over 30 articles on D’Banj. Majority have been supporting his work: That’s on AML. On Ladybrille for almost 7years straight, I have promoted and supported D’Banj’s work with no criticism what so ever. Not many can boast that. I gave D’Banj his first USA feature. I think people feel very connected to him and so it may feel like I am being too hard on their favorite artist. I too like D’Banj. Behind the scenes, I have referred booking agent(s) in the West to his team when I could have easily held back. It ain’t even that serious. The Beats by Dre signing is a big deal. I don’t think it is too much to say he should own the space and give himself the kind of treatment he should receive, even if Apple doesn’t give him such treatment. Thanks for being a follower all these years.

    (comments updated 11/19/2014

    Damilare Emmanuel i think the concept is to show respect, portray Africans as respectful/peaceful people but then he takes it too far, crosses a line and makes him look like an errand boy. I’m a big fan of Dbanj and this issue actually crossed my mind since the days of his Kanye West deal, the way he behaves when he’s arnd him like he has ‘Jesus’ next to him, you might even think Kanye got the inspiration of the ‘Yeezus’ titled album from the way Dbanj treats him. In all honesty, i just think sometimes Dbanj cannot contain his joy @ certain moments so he lets it out too much and sometimes he likes to ‘over-do’ things, i think it’s just his nature, even during the early Mo’hits days, the way he treats Don Jazzy, you’ll think he has been ‘confessed’ (Mother Confessor), if u’re a movie fan u’ll understand that.
    3 hrs · Like

    Charles O’Tudor LessIsMorE…Watched The Clip And Concurr…
    2 hrs · Like

    Olasunmbo Opanike i think most Nigerians that are new to the American society or system gets a little overwhelmed by their American partners, an average Nigerian is raised to be humble at all times while an average American is raised to always to speak up at all times. This is a generation issue with Africans as a whole i. e Africans born and raised in Africa. Most older Africans see being outspoken as being arrogant and proud, Americans sees it as confidence so the cultural shock is there….. Sometimes when i express myself to older Nigerians, some of them take it the wrong way as me being arrogant maybe I am a little bit, but in life you need that confidence to get you to the top and keep you there.. where’s the Bragados D’banj ? You have to show Apple that while you appreciate their business very much, you as an African music maestro has something to offer them and Africa as a whole has a huge market for their product.
    47 mins · Like

  3. Over the years Dapo Oyebanjo, has being my favorite artists and he will still remain my best musicians so far in naija. But it unfortunately for me as a lover of good music that my favorite artistes is fading away, not just in terms of music , but the way he handle his brand over the year.

    Now D’banj, need to be an Afro centric person for African as a Continent, he arguably the biggest music export from African soil and he need to sell Africans dreams in right way than this cheap publicist him and his team is looking for.

    The post may be too bitter for will fans of D’banj to accept and D’banj himself, but Ms. Uduak, make some great point in this post.

    He don’t need to sell himself cheaply to the Americans like that.

  4. ngozi says:

    Uduak, you are so spot on.. we Nigerians need to get rid of this mentality of half bread is better than none. I press conference should have been held by Apple exec to unveil him. Rather he was just presented with the product behind closed doors in a boardroom. Dbanj is a huge brand who lacks composure, everything is not about oshee bla blabla.. he needs to show more seriousness and composure to be taken more seriously, he shouldn't see it as if Apple is doing him a special favour, this is a business deal for both parties. This was the same attitude he had during kanye west deal, eh sir eh sir, what did kanye do for him? Thanks for the article uduak, I've been a follower from the start. More grease..

    1. Thanks Ngozi for reading from day one. I'd love to have you on the AML podcast show for a quick reader/listener spotlight. Please email me ([email protected]). The same forAlex and all other AML readers.I really would like to start hearing your voices, especially as we get into 2015.

      Ngozi, I agree with your points made. I think if this were 2Face under his current management 960 or even his label Hypertek, the approach would be different. It's not too late for D'Banj to have the conference. He needs to have stronger control of his brand narrative here in the States, given his access and resources.

  5. belle says:

    The way you blogs go hard on d’banj this days is funny,What is wrong with speaking pidgin/yoruba in a video that was recorded by his own people.You called him a mugu but he is till by far the biggest artist in Nigeria.

    In that span of 2 years with no major hit

    1)Re-signed a bettr deal with Globacom

    2)He became ONE campaign ambassador and was on the same stage with president of world bank

    3)He won world music awards

    4)His song”Top of the world was the AFCON theme” and was performed at the AFCON 2013 closing ceremony held in South Africa.

    5)He also performed at the Hackney Weekend to celebrate the 2012 Summer Olympics, which was headlined by Jay-Z and Rihanna

    6)He was also selected as the Ambassador of Bank of Industry

    7)He was signed to Mercury Records

    coolHe became the ambassador for BEATS by dre

    9)His song “Bother you” was the official sound track of half of the yellow sun movie

    10)He also went into partnership with Sony Music Entertainment

    11)He also headlined Hennessy Artestry 2013 alone. which also gave him the opportunity to travel to france to make his own brand of hennesy(Legendary)

    12)In that 2 years his hit song was all over European charts.

    If someone you called a mugu could achieve this feet of milestone in just 2 years then i don’t understand you.I saw d’banj Tedx speech and i was extremely impressed due to his composure.I also saw his talk on ABC news. Did you see all the childish jokes?? That should tell you that there is a time for everything.You don’t expect him to start speaking in american english or start forming.We his die hard fan loves the way he does things.If am sure he wouldn’t have gone this far if he has not been doing it right from the start.

    1. Belle,

      All of the amazing achievements you list are precisely why D'Banj in signing a major deal with Apple for Africa, has no business diluting his brand via the way he unveiled the news. Also, let's be clear. There is a distinction with saying someone's conduct is patronizing and appears to undermine his self worth, value and insight/knowledge i.e. "mugu" than from saying that is actually the case.

      So, not so fast buddy.

      Thanks for the input.

      (Question: Will Jimmy Iovine or Dre sign a major deal with MTN, or Glo and then receive and share the product offerings of this company in a back room with a junior staff; and worse go as far as to say it means a lot for American Youths and America? If your answer is "no," then I honestly don't understand why D'banj given his amazing list of accomplishments and increasing high profile, globally, should be any different.)


      1. belle says:

        Did you just say a junior staff.. One of the guys he met there was Jason White (Vice President Marketing at Beats by Dr. Dre)

        1. Oh! The Black guy that does not greet D"Banj but instead we see D'Banj in passing introducing Jason White as the "baddest guy in the whole…Omniboss," as opposed to Jason doing the introduction on D'Banj Africa's greatest, powerful and most influential artist. Oh! Was it VP Jason White that did the handing of the specially commissioned work of "dipping the headphones" in gold complete with the Beats by Dre Trademark and logos to D'Banj. You list all of D'Banj's high profile accomplishments including meeting the President of the United States of America. Yet, you refuse to concede a basic point that a brand ambassador for a continent of 800million people who will help rake in millions if not billions from the continent from Africa's youths, should at a minimum, be treated with a bit more respect given the magnitude and impact of his Apple-Beats by Dre signing. This unveiling is unacceptable and underscores the way Africans are treated by the West and the way some Africans like D'Banj believe they ought to be treated. Worse, they take such treatment and gleefully shine "their thirty-two" record it and post it on the world wide web. D'banj has achieved a major achievement for Africa's music and entertainment industry and the respect should be accorded. To the degree it is lacking, D'Banj and his team ought to understand the importance of demanding it, making it part of their deal making terms, and building more brand equity and value. D'banj is really not making new music. On his last major stage performance on the continent, he got booed off the stage. A major embarrassment. If he does not focus on taking care of his entertainment business by protecting his trade name, mark and image, it is only a matter of time before that Apple deal is yanked away from him for his failure to meet the basic terms of getting Apple the kind of reach they are looking for that compels the signing. Look, let's not kid ourselves here. D'banj needs to show up with a different game plan. I was the only voice disagreeing with the way he handled the G.O.O.D music signing and the deal here in the USA. What's come of that situation? I will take my chances again on this one. He can either make that necessary pivot or keep forging ahead with the same ole. One thing is for sure, this music business of ours has no mercy for those who lose their brand value or relevance. It is what is.


          1. Belle says:

            LOL you make me laugh ,The thing is you didn't make enough research.

            Jimmy lovine had already invited d'banj to his mansion few weeks before this deal was announced and D'banj was also invited to 2014 MTV Video Music Awards ceremony as a VIP guest(I repeat as a VIP guest)and he was with the VP Jason guy all thru, If they do not respect him do you think a billionaire like jimmy loving would have invited him to his own mansion or would they have invited him as a VIP at the 2014MTV VMA'S????? You can surf the net to get more information because everything is online. By the way the guy that was presenting the headphone was probably their designer and i see nothing wrong in that besides the title of the video never stated that it would show how the deal was signed

            Then you said d'banj was booed of stage lol,Mind you 2 face was booed of stage in ABUJA (in his own country for that matter),even wizkid was also booed and stoned in Liberia…Rihana was also booed in Australia, Katy perry, kanye west , justin bieber were all once booed. So why make this a big deal???

            And for your information that was not d'banjs last stage performance, His last stage performance was at the WORLD MUSIC AWARDS.He performed live on stage and not backstage like other Nigerian celeb do.And for the Good music deal i guess it didn't work out because don jazzy later pulled out. Please do more research before jumping into conclusion abeg and i will be waiting for your reply as well.

          2. Belle, I know Interscope/Jimmy Iovine staff/team do read AML and follow my work. So, let me cut to the chase on this one since D'Banj is not doing it.

            Recommendations for Jimmy and Dre
            Fellas, with all due respect, I think the public reception given to D'Banj was disrespectful to him and his accomplishments as an individual and also a representative of Africa. I think at a minimum, Apple representatives or either one of you should have put out a press release via your Apple team with a quote or two from either one of you recognizing our artist, according the respect, discussing the bridge with our entertainment industry here in the USA and that of Nigeria and the rest of the continent of Africa that D'Banj represents. I think it is not too late to do so and ask that you delegate such duty to the appropriate staff member to get on it. It is unacceptable for you to give a brand ambassador that will help make you money this kind of treatment. Further, the very youths you want to purchase the Beats by Dre and Africa in general will not feel warm and fuzzy to go purchase your product when they see how you have treated D'Banj.

            Recommendation for D'Banj
            D'banj take the time to recalibrate and have a clear idea what it is that you want and want to do in the USA. Also, consider hiring a new team of industry professionals that include people who really understand your African and USA brand. Right now, that is lacking. Mo'Hits remains one of the biggest legacy and biggest breakup in contemporary Nigerian/Africa's music industry. You were the other half of Mo'Hits. Your partner Don Jazzy has moved on and so far, it appears his trepidation over the Mo'Hits expansion into the West, at the pace you wanted it, is proving right. All eyes are on you. The focus should be about you personal brand management for a sustainable future, long after the music is gone as it appears it is now disappearing. As I have said, the question is not what deals you are signing today. It is brand strength and longevity. Also, remember that when you sign deals, you enter into a contractual relationship and if you fail to meet your contractual obligations, it opens you up for liability. You gotta think smart and move smart. Fire your current team if you have to but get this thing right. Also, don't mix Nigerian publicists or industry professional teams with the US market. You need industry professionals here. Take your publicist in the UK with you because she is in the Western market and knows her "onions" and have her liaison with a credible and connected publicist here. It's your show. Stop calling other people #Omniboss and giving them the "superior treatment" over you and own your space. Of course anything I say here does not constitute any kind of attorney-client relationship. It is a take it or leave it situation and the information is available for not only you but all AML artists reading this and artist-entrepreneurs.

            Finally, let's get back to Belle:

            1. Music follows the money.
            2. Jimmy inviting D'Banj to his home has nothing to do with respect but money. As a businessman, if D'Banj will make Jimmy money, possibly millions to billions in Africa, Jimmy needs to meet D'Banj. It would be foolish for him not to.
            3. The question is not the closed door secret meetings or invitations to come chop rice in Jimmy's mansion. It is what happens when Jimmy and D'Banj step out. Does Jimmy acknowledge D'Banj in the specific role and capacity he is here for? The answer is "NO." That's a problem. D'Banj has finally gotten into bed (business relationship) with Jimmy, Apple et al. Jimmy should be proud to let the world know he rolls with D'Banj. Otherwise, it's like a married/single man in a relationship who splurges on his mistress/girlfriend but in public will not acknowledge he is with her. It devalues that woman.

            As to being booed off the stage, no artist is ever proud of such fact especially after almost ten years of playing and being at pinnacle height of his career during those years. That artist is now at the mature stage preparing for an exit. From Mo'Hits, D'banj went to Kanye West. What happened to that deal? He could not deliver. The deal is no more (from all indications). He went to the UK to Mercury, what happened? Oliver Twist produced by Don Jazzy helped get him on the charts coming off the Mo'Hit split. Then what? What has happened since then? He did something with Def Jam Africa. What has happened? He is now allegedly trying to sign on to yet another record label here in the States. Then there is this Apple deal. In the end, D'Banj needs to take control of his brand narrative or else become displaced. The choice is simple and one for him to make.

            My last back and forth debate with you as you bring no new arguments to advance our debate.


        2. Winston Balagare says:

          Look . . . D'banj is posting as 'belle' now.

  6. SamE says:

    Do you notice that people criticizing Dbanj here are Igbos? Can you all ask Don Jazz to at least break reasonable ground in USA ? You keep shouting here in America, here in America. What have you done in America, a common blogger that can't even compete with our own Seun Nairaland or LindaIkeja. Please concentrate more on your blog, poor layout, no logo etc believe me these things are very cheap, its something you can afford you just don't know it or have the initiative. You should work on better packaging and stop hating. Strive for greatness via personal effort, not by bringing someone else down.

    1. Sam E, I usually will delete comments that do the personal attacks. But this one was so funny, I decided against it.

      Just so you know. I am those two you mentioned, combined, and more. Powerful, beautiful, intelligent inside and out, visionary and a game changer. I also make no apologies while I am at it. I've changed the rule to many games and will change more. I am Uduak Oduok. Didn't you get the memo?


  7. Winston Balagare says:

    I am sooooo glad somebody finally wrote about this.

    The issue is that D'banj understands that his success abroad is based purely on the illusion he has sold them about himself.

    These foreigners don't know D'banj. They don't know his music. They don't know his history. They also don't know that D'banj hasn't had a hit record in years. He walks into a room, tells them he's the biggest thing in Africa, and they throw him a check.

    The mugu act is actually nervousness, due to the fact that D'banj knows it's only a matter of time before they figure out he doesn't really have what it takes to make hit songs anymore. Everything they imagined they'd get out their relationship with Dapo is not real.

    It won't come to fruition because he can't make them any money.

    He can't make them any money because he's not the future of African music.

    1. smokeybag says:

      2face, iceprince, MI ,Naeto C,Tery G and many more don't have any major hit songs but you guys didn't hit on them. The truth is that d'banjs sucess is making all of you go angry because your favourite artist who is giving hits haven't been able to achieve half of the milestone d'banj has achieved in 2 years.And i believe most d'banj haters are don jazzy sympathizers. I wonder when you guys will get over the split and let d'banj enjoy his life.D'banj has made good songs but the songs didn't go far due to the hatred you guys are pouring at him. Songs like Obimo, oyato, sister caro, top of the world,kawosoke, bother you would have been a hit understand don jazzy but since it was produced under DB records it is no hit to you guys. 2015 will be his year i am very sure about that.

      1. Winston Balagare says:

        "Don Jazzy sympathizers"? Really?!!

        All Don Jazzy has done is make us dance, smile, and feel good with his music.

        All D'banj has done is tell us over and over that he's "on top of the world". Now, most recently, he's telling us how much of a "nigga" he is.

        When did he last make us dance? When did we last say to a friend, "have you downloaded that new D'banj?"

        It's been a while.

        The reality is that even if the so-called "youth of Africa" are even able to afford a pair of those gold-plated headphones, there won't be much of D'banj's music coming through them.

    2. "It won't come to fruition because he can't make them any money." Hmmm… I don't know that I agree with this part of your comment. I think it can and will if he protects his brand well. If he continues with the way he is, then yes. I believe that it is only a matter of time till that deal goes south.

      Thanks for your input.

  8. Adejoke Badagry says:

    Wow Uduak, honestly, you are a game changer and more than the half baked bloggers celebrated in Nigeria society. Why would anyone bring in tribe or sentiments to the truth we can all see nd feel. That's my problem with Nigerian artistes when it comes to management, once they hit stardom, they throw ethics and advice to the wind. They are all bout the next meal not how to consolidate their established presence in the industry and beyond.
    Hit on Uduak, this is just a self-service you are giving, I wish you don't even go into more details for some block heads to use all your suggestions, they can figure it out if they care.

  9. It is funny how people never want to accept constructive criticism. This lady has spoken well. This is not about signing the deals, it is about delivering. Checkout how other western ambassadors were unveiled.
    I understand where the hardcore fans are coming from, but truth be told you do not expect someone who drives a Toyota to appreciate the aesthetics of a Rolls Royce.
    I love D'banj, but he needs to work on himself. He's dealing with sharks now, it is either you get with the system or you get kicked out of the system.
    Too many deals gone south, something must be wrong.
    You are doing a great job madam .

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