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Is Wizkid’s INSECURITY Making him Compare his Achievements with DAVIDO’s?

Many times, we waste time looking at the actions that people do and refuse to go beyond the action to see the underlying rationale i.e. why they behave the way they do. I guess we all have our problems so why take that extra step?

Folks, I am talking about us taking a closer look at what may be driving the tension and reaction between Nigeria/Africa’s two biggest acts Davido and Wizkid.

In my world of law, “motive” is an important lingo to be familiar with, albeit it comes more so in the context of criminal defense work.

Folks, Davido and Wizkid, in my view, are in two different leagues and should never be compared with each other. Yet, something tells me that the ongoing social media feud between the two is a result of seeming insecurity more so coming from Wizkid’s end than Davido.

However, I stand corrected and will like to hear your views if you disagree with me.

Wizkid is a rags to riches story. It’s a story we have seen and heard many times and personifies the dream of many artists, the world over. We love a good story of that artist/person who struggles hard, is determined, sleeps on the floor, goes hungry, is poor, basically; and through hard work and determination, becomes successful.

Why? It is because majority of us can relate to that story. The rags to riches story gives us hope that we too, regardless of how terrible our socio-economic backgrounds are, can make it too like the Wizkids of the world, if we try just as hard.

What most of us cannot relate to, however, are the rich kids of the world. That child from that filthy rich family vexes many of us to no end. We don’t know them, neither can we relate. Majority of us will never walk in their shoes and as a result we think it gives us the license to quickly; and often conclude we hate them, they are spoilt brats, and live off the wealth of their families. In fact, we wait and are just dying and hoping that they do that one thing that will give us the ideal opportunity to curse them out or throw stones at them, and remind them that but for their families wealth, they would not even have the platforms to talk to us. We see them and we pity them.

Well, what happens and what do you do with a filthy rich person like Davido who turns the typical story we are used to of the child of a wealthy family on its head, Nigerian or otherwise? What do you do with a young man that is so determined to earn his own money, on his merits, that he hustles harder than people born on the wrong side of the tracks/with wooden spoons in their mouths?

What do you with a young man/artist who hustles harder than the mythical starving artist that you would think he grew up starved. Seriously what do you do with such a person?

Davido, in Nigeria and Africa’s music industry is a problem, period. And in my view, for a young man like Wizkid, Davido easily becomes a threat. Why? Because when matched or standing right next to Wizkid, the hunger in his belly is just as hot, if not hotter. Davido is HUNGRY, very HUNGRY for success, his own success, not his father’s.

He shows up on foreign soil, even when Wizkid is present, and dominates. How many awards has Davido won on foreign soil this year alone, all of which he is seen competing closely with Wizkid in some of the categories. The current President of Rwanda is in the USA for the US-Africa Leaders summit, an event that has commanded global attention.

That same President was so impressed with Davido, some weeks ago, he showed up with his own family to greet Davido at an airport in Kigali, Rwanda. How many artists, American/otherwise, who have performed globally in front of millions, can boast of ever having that happen in their careers? Think about that people.

Now, if you are an artist like Wizkid, two things happen:

a) One you realize that you two are in different lanes, you own your space, stay confident in who you are and keep putting great music and carving out a niche for yourself; OR

b) you could let your insecurities overcome you because you and those around you, the public, media and fans compare you to Davido so much so, you drink their Kool aid and start doing the same. Your insecurities then translate to twitter/social media statements, comparisons on how many fans show up at your event, how many shows you have done etc. Are you really serious? You gotta be kidding me. You can’t possibly be serious with such comparisons.

Again, the two are simply in different lanes. Davido is VERY hungry. Wizkid is hungry but in my view, lost that extreme hunger for success that Davido has managed to keep, a little while back.

AML artists, it is my humble opinion and we have all been there at one point or another, that when you find yourself insecure or jealous about another person/artist, it is because there are certain inadequacies you perceive you lack; that you believe the other person has. So, whenever you deal with, hang around or have their names mentioned to you, it irritates the crap out of you.

Don’t y’all leave me hanging here as if you don’t understand what I’m talking about. Of course we’ve all been there.

AML fam, real talk here because that is what we do. We call it as it is. These two need to really quit with the nonsense. Wizkid needs to quit with making statements (direct or subliminal statements about Davido) and Davido needs to quit with reacting or even dignifying him with a response. Stay in your lanes fellas and keep F.O.C.U.S i.e. keep your eyes on the prize.

For those wondering how to deal with insecurities that creep up every now and then, which is natural, here’s how:

1. Stop comparing yourself to others. The grass is really not that greener on the other side.
2. Stop comparing yourself to others. Water your own grass.
3. Did I stay stop comparing yourself to others? Well, what are you still looking at me for? Stop already!
4. Pele (Sorry) but I really meant to say, “STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS.”
5. Really folks, do stop comparing yourself to others. It eats at your self-confidence and will have you acting a fool when you should know better.

If you are on the receiving end of statements or actions from people who attack you for no reason or compare their achievements with yours, see it for what it is and don’t get caught up with feeding their insecurities or negative energy.

A lot of people are hurting because of standards set by others that they impose on themselves. Don’t get caught up in all that. It will drain you and throw you off center. FOCUS!

That’s my 50 kobo for all it’s worth. I’ll catch you all soon.


Davido’s Response to Wizkid on Sahara TV
“In everything you do, you don’t hit your brother down. I was even going to tweet like you know ‘make sure everybody turn up for my brother Wizkid’s concert’ and he threw a shade like that. I’m not going to take that…that’s why I went and said what I said. But it’s all cool, at the end of the day, we got to keep it on the music. . .

“Shout out to him. I’m still a big fan. It was nothing but don’t throw a shade at me, especially when we were on the flight earlier. By the way . . . check the numbers on my last concert. Let’s leave it like that.”

Wizkid’s subsequent comeback hours after Sahara published the video.
“Dumb Niggas catch feelings! We just tryna make it over here! Nobody got time for that! ATL turn up!”

Popular US based Nigerian DJ, DJ Dee Money back, in 2013, did a Davido vs. Wizkid mixtape. Perhaps we can all focus back on the good music the two make.

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