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It Was Never Love: Qinc Music to SUE Nigerian Idol’s OPTIMA Media Group, Samklef & JayFeel for 1Billlion Naira


How do two people  who are in love, who whisper sweet empty nothings to each other go from being in love, and sharing wonderful intimacy to fighting, anger, shutting down and ultimately quitting the relationship? AML People, raise your hands if you know the answer? If we did, we would all turn relationship experts and be very rich selling self help relationship books or something.

There are some insights though that we can glean from the beginning that would tell us, as we survey the two love birds in hindsight, that things would not have worked out. The entertainment business relationship, as I have shared often on AML, mirrors that of boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife. It is precisely why you hear, if you haven’t already, the common saying, “be careful who you get in bed with” in the industry. If you are not, you could get screwed and all the heartache and financial paralysis that follows is really your issue to deal with, no one else’s.

In the business context, the entertainment business particularly, this getting in bed too fast is all too common. First, many artists get in bed way too early than they should, before knowing the history and background of the labels etc. they are in bed with. Second, both parties typically, because it is the lovey dovey honey moon period, do not make sure they are on the same page. One person is in it for the sex, the other, “love.” Third, when the relationship begins breaking down, there is always that third party circulating ready to pounce on whomever wants out of the relationship. We saw this with the whole Chocolate City v Brymo situation and we have seen it with countless others.

In any event, rather than try to work anything out in the binding contractual relationship by the artist and the original record label, and be willing to get past communication break downs etc., most artists in the music industry bounce. They either get online and do heated exchange with fans or send subliminal messages to their labels and fans, or they downright just shut the label out and begin afresh.

AML artists, contracts, even if you get into them and realize it is not what you wanted, can be renegotiated.

You have to understand that for the Nigerian label or management company who invests the time, energy, monies, and resources, it is a brutal slap in the face, especially when you the artists he/she/it has invested all of their monies in, defiantly jumps ship amidst a valid contract and says, “it was never love. It was just about the sex i.e. getting in bed with you for the flashy cars, fine clothes, and luxury. I found someone else. I am moving on.”

This, dear AML readers, appears to be the situation we have on our hands today. Only, this time, the label/management outfit is not taking this breakup lying down. They are prepared to take this battle into a courtroom, as they should, in my view. reports in a release referenced from  Qinc Music Management that the label/management company has said it will sue Samklef, Jayfeel and Optima Media Group (producers of the Nigerian Idol, Nigeria’s Got Talent, the creative team behind X-Factor, and also Bloomberg Television Nigeria content) for the tortious interference in its contractual relationship with its artist JayFeel.

This is an interesting case because of the big player Optimia Media Group (OMG) who is involved. OMG may very well settle this case out of court. However, if it does not, it would be interesting if we can have even more legal precedent in contemporary Nigerian music industry letting us know that this kind of all too rampant behavior by our artists will not be tolerated.

A sound track for all of this craziness comes to mind. It is a performance by Cami Bradley called ‘Believe’ on the current ‘America’s Got Talent’ reality tv music show; and is what I have in my head as I write this.


Now check out the applicable parts of the press release via

“It is with regret that, the Management of Qinc Music will be suing the following; Optima media group/Samklef/Jayfeel for Inducement to breach contract and a breach of contract by the artist in person of Jayfeel (Joshua Enakhimion). The artist who entered into a lawful contract with Qinc Music and subsequently entered into a second agreement with Samklef and OMG despite several media releases, pre and post his participation in the Nigerian idols under the management of Qinc Music.

With various failed mediation attempts, the management is now forced to seek legal redress..

The CEO of Qinc Music felt it best to keep it brief in his statement:

” Its sad to see promising acts bring about self inflicted ruin on their careers but this is a fight for justice and my team and I are more than willing to go all the way. . .” has the full story.

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