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Jackie Appiah Comes Under Attack for Sex Scene in Gollywood Movie. Are Nollywood and Gollywood Sex Scenes too Raunchy?

The most beautiful love making scene I have seen in Nollywood/Gollywood films, was the one with Jackie Appiah and Chris Attoh in ‘Perfect Picture.’ In contrast, the tackiest sex scenes I have ever seen in Nollywood/Gollywood films have been those where Nollywood actress Tonto Dike is involved.

I think often we blame the talents we see on the screen but many times, that blame is misplaced because the real power lies behind the camera, with the filmmakers. Filmmakers are the ones who hire these talents to perform. It is their job to direct and direct well to make these talents capture a story, in its purest form.

It seems these days, it is hard not to watch any Nollywood or Gollywood films without so much sex thrown at you and worse, extremely tacky, crude/raunchy sex scenes. It used to be you could sit with family and children under 13 to watch Nollywood/Gollywood films. Now you can’t, because you do not know what will hit you, plus there is no warning or classification of the films to provide the consumer with the choice not to watch such movies, or at least make sure children are not present. Both Ghana and Nigeria have Film and Video Censor Boards but there remains complaint that they are not doing enough.The censor boards screen, censor and classify films so audiences at least get the requisite notice needed.

I’d rather not get into too much details on those governing bodies, yet- based on the limited time I have. But I anticipate future discussions about them.

In any event, Gollywood Actress Jackie Appiah has come under scrutiny and tabloid backlash for some sex scenes she recently performed with  actor Abeiku Santana. See PeaceFMOnline. 

Seeing some of these images, I wondered if you all thought Nollywood/Gollywood films had too little or too much sex? Further, are the sex scenes too crude? I think they are but welcome disagreements. Please enlighten.




-Photocredit: PeaceFMOnline

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  1. Real Talk says:

    My Ideology always crave for your post, your points are always well supported. At the end of each post am always enlightened.

    1. Africamusiclaw says:

      Thank you. :)r nr nI look forward to your contributions and equally being enlightened because I too love to learn and become more enlightened than I already am.r nr nCheers,r nUduak

  2. i did not think that Jackie was having sex with him they just want black mail her

  3. Men let them do what ever them want to do,they can even get me on phone +39380200956

  4. Abigail says:


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