Despite Jidenna’s request, Upfront & Personal’s Paul Okoye is yet to issue a public apology to fans

On May 14, 2017, Upfront and Personal’s Paul Okoye dropped the ball in the production of his One Africa Music Festival in London. While there were some great things about the event and a wonderful history in the U.S. of staging successful shows under the One Africa brand, the plain truth is he dropped the ball in London. The blame doesn’t go to his team or anyone that works for him. The blame lies squarely on his shoulder as the owner and leader of Upfront and Personal and the person in charge of ensuring the smooth execution of the show.

At issue, as previously discussed on this blog, was that Okoye managed the show’s time poorly so much so that star headliners did not perform or had five minutes to perform. P-Square, according to Peter Okoye in an interview, had only “five minutes” to perform. Jidenna didn’t even get on the stage.

Worse, since the conclusion of the event, it’s been four days now, Jidenna has spoken about it and asked for an apology. Yet, it doesn’t seem like one is forthcoming. Okoye is yet to publicly apologize for dropping the ball, and also apologize to Jidenna’s fans and other artists fans who paid tickets and showed up for a performance that they did not receive.

I think his complacency at this point is just plain rude. I also think it’s a clear taking for granted that:

1 ) Jidenna and other relevant artists who were affected are of Nigerian/or African heritage. I doubt Paul Okoye will treat an American artist (white or black) this way.

2) Jidenna’s fans are not filing reports with appropriate local organizations regulating local and international businesses.

3) Jidenna is not explicitly clear that his brand and brand reputation was affected because Okoye did not deliver.

While Jidenna, his fans, and others may be quiet about it, this is simply UNACCEPTABLE. There is no reason why your star headliner should HAVE TO BEG YOU FOR AN APOLOGY FOR A SITUATION YOU CREATED! It was not an emergency situation, you had ample time to prepare, you dropped the ball. It is ridiculously annoying to see this. This annoys me to no end.

-Ms. Uduak

“World renowned for his signature dandy fashion style which fuses African and European influences, “Classic Man” singer / music producer JIDENNA is basking in the successful release of his refreshing debut album “The Chief”, which has been overwhelmingly positively received.

In this exclusive interview with Factory78, the Nigerian-American singer diplomatically explains the basis for his trending “If we truly believe it is OUR time, as Africans, we need to be ON time” statement video following the recently held OneAfricaFest Concert (London).

The event aimed to promote African unity through music and had an absolutely fantastic lineup of artists but was unfortunately plagued by major timing issues. As a result of opening acts performing very lengthy sets and an unequally distributed time allotment for headline acts, JIDENNA was ready backstage but wasn’t allowed to perform as time had run out. Disappointed fans took to social media to vent their frustration yet sadly, as of May 15th, 2017 no formal apology or press statement has been issued by organisers.

Watch as Jidenna passionately speaks about his commitment to being a part of making Africa great again, what the future holds for him and more!!”

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  1. RichyGame says:

    I don’t see it coming from the organizers, the apology, that is .

    Not to judge Paul O. but I sense he is arrogant which is not a new thing in the Nigeria I know…

    I am still waiting for an apology from a media mogul who is equally as rich as Paul Okoye (if not more, i don’t know) and even with clear evidence that he wronged me on a certain aspect of a business, it hasn’t come. It won’t based on research and I have accepted it. And that is the bane of our problems, letting such slide, I know Uduak.

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