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AML Celebrity Divorce: John Fashanu v. Abigail Igwe – Sex Threesomes, Lesbianism, Attempted Murder, Leaked Tapes, it Just Gets Messier


Fashanu v AbigailIf you haven’t heard about about the messy divorce battle, filed in Nigeria’s Abuja high court, that is taking place between UK retired famed footballer John Fashanu and his soon to be ex-wife Abigail Igwe (an attorney), then do get caught up with the situation.

First, let’s start with a recent leak where Fashanu is allegedly heard confessing to paying members of the press in Nigeria, on a monthly basis, to protect his interests. Remember we addressed the issue of leaked private conservations and the legal ramifications in the Dr. Sid v. D’Banj case. You can revisit that discussion at the following links:

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The recently leaked audio tape:

Now excerpts from the Daily Mail UK Story, culled from Bella Naija

John Fashanu says wife tried to KILL him after ‘walking in on raunchy sex threesome’

Allegation of infidelity addressed by Fashanu

“I’ve been very fortunate to date some of the most beautiful women in the world,” Fash insisted. “I certainly don’t have to sleep with my cleaner! This is me, John Fashanu, you’re talking to. It’s absolute nonsense. If she wants to make up that ­story, at least let her say it’s Beyoncé or someone. Don’t say it’s my cleaner, that’s just b******s. It’s not true at all. The truth is she’s been cheating on me with a woman she calls her spiritual partner. I caught them in the bed many times. That was why I kicked her out of my house.”

Further factors compounding the divorce according to Fashanu: money & grand larceny (theft)
“I’m the one who is filing for divorce. I couldn’t stand her and, to be honest, she probably couldn’t stand me. With Abigail it was just money, money, money.

“I’ve never seen a woman who has such an appetite for money. Nearly one million Nigerian naira (around £3,300) was stolen from my house in Abuja. There are police reports you can see.

“There were so many assaults, it was just getting too much. It was absolutely ridiculous. She attacked me on multiple occasions. The whole situation was far too hot for me. There are some wonderful, wonderful women. It’s just that I met the wrong one.”

Abigail’s response
“Anybody can say anything – but how can I go to his house and steal from him in his house?

“I wasn’t living there with him. He’s sick and he needs help.”

Allegation of attempted murder addressed by Abigail
“John’s saying I tried to kill him? Oh my God, this is so funny. I don’t quite ­understand all this. “How can I kill him? How can ­somebody like me kill this huge man who is an expert in karate. I don’t ­understand how I can kill him.”

Allegation of Infidelity, Eviction from their home addressed by Abigail
“He didn’t kick me out of his house. We were living in my house. He couldn’t have kicked me out of my own house – I kicked him out.”

“I caught him in bed with two women, the housemaid and one other woman. There were two women, it was awful.

“They were on the bed. They were undressed. I said to them, ‘Who are you and what’s going on here?’

“He told me that he doesn’t know what he’s doing and I should pray for him. He knows how to manipulate people, that’s one thing he is good at.

Allegation on Lesbianism addressed by Abigail

“She is a good friend to me. She has a husband and children. It is ridiculous. She was living with me for a while to get back on her feet.”

Regarding the Divorce Proceeding
“I last saw him in April last year. I didn’t know he’d filed for divorce. He has been calling people asking them to plead with me to get back with him.

“I would have filed for divorce myself but I haven’t because I’ve been very busy. And he asked me not to because he did not want to make it known that we had separated.

“So I went on my way and I left him but I didn’t tell anybody anything.

“I’ve told him, ‘I don’t want you any more, I have forgiven you, I’m a Christian. But I don’t want you any more, just leave me alone.’

I don’t take him seriously. I don’t have time for him. If I should be angry at anyone, I should be angry at myself for descending so low as to enter into marriage with such a person.”

NOTE: If you are wondering How to Get a Divorce in Nigeria, click the following link to learn how: How to Get a Divorce in Nigeria, the 8 Grounds for Divorce: Tokunbo Melaye v. Dino Melaye.

Clearly a messy case. I’ll focus on working on a podcast episode to address this, among other recent celebrity cases on the family law end spanning the UK, US and Nigeria. In the meantime, your thoughts on all of these?

-Ms. Uduak

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